July 10, 2018

Shop My Closet On Depop

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I mentioned on my Instagram a few weeks ago that I was going through my closet to finally start getting rid of some of my old clothes I've been stashing for far too long, and the time has now come! I've started listing my first few pieces on the app Depop, which is a great alternative to something like Ebay that doesn't have listing fees and flooded results. The app is modern, clean, and a lot more user friendly which is why I chose it over other options.

For right now, I don't have a ton of variety or trendy clothes listed, because I'm really trying to get rid of the bulk of clothes I have leftover from my teenage years first. You'll mostly find brands like Hollister, Forever 21, and Aeropostale listed at the moment since that's all I lived in for many years. All sizes will range from XXS to M, so this will mostly pertain to my smaller frame gals or younger relatives you may purchase for.

Unfortunately, my biggest battle with starting to sell online is the shipping prices as I have no experience with it. The absolute best I've been able to estimate is $4 shipping for clothing which includes buying a ton of new supplies with my own money, but once I figure out actual costs as I start shipping things out I'll tweak it to hopefully be a bit less.

I'm going the route of selling instead of donating by the way because I'm saving up for a huge DIY hobby I wanna start and maybe can even eventually sell and share with you guys! I have a bunch of items that will be donated like jeans as I find it too hard to describe fits for those, and anything that doesn't sell will eventually be donated as well :)

All items will be negotiable on price so feel free to comment on the actual listings if there's anything you're interested in!

*PS Im so sorry for being absent on the blog :( I have taken a huge halt on makeup shopping (like, I have 2 Sephora giftcards and 1 Ulta giftcard from Christmas that haven't been used yet kind of halt) so I've instead just focused on making looks with what I already own for my Instagram @lizzyxfresh. I'm investing most of my money into revamping my closet, so maybe OOTD's can make a comeback soon!

Do you sell anything online? If so, do you have any guides or tips to make the most of it?

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April 30, 2018

Carbon Coco | Ultimate Carbon Kit Review

*This kit was sent to me for free to review

If you follow me on Instagram and see the array of selfies I constantly post, you probably can tell I'm not really a fan of my teeth since I never smile with them. Not only do I have an overbite with a few gaps in the front I'm self conscious about, but I've been drinking tea nonstop my entire life so they aren't as white as I'd like. That's why when Carbon Coco asked if I'd be interested in trying out this kit, I was really excited to see if I could gain at least a little bit of teeth confidence again!

February 2, 2018

Too Faced Clover Palette Vs. A Fake | Why It's Worth Paying More

Real Too Faced Clover Palette | $49 for 18 shades

Like most people, I definitely enjoy a good dupe. I'm usually quite frugal, and sometimes on a tighter budget, so if I hear an expensive product I'm interested in has a dupe, I'll usually grab the dupe to test out first so I don't have to waste the money if it ends up being great! That being said, a dupe and a fake are two very different things, and the latter can be quite dangerous. That's why when I accidentally got a hold of a fake Too Faced Clover Palette for Christmas from a relative, I thought it would be a great time to show a hands on comparison.

December 5, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide For The Beauty Queen

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Personally, I think I'm a horrible gift shopper for other people. I tend to be pretty bad at surprises and knowing what my family or friends would like, so I prefer just getting a list with specific things so I know exactly what to buy to ensure they won't be disappointed.