June 25, 2013

Haul: Pacsun and Forever 21

Hello, going on my third post in two days huh? Yeah, trying to get used to this whole blogging thing, it's been fun so far so we'll see how long it keeps up :D

Since I don't have much to talk about I figured I'd do a little mini clothing haul and review type thing. I got this order about a week or so ago on the same day so most of it has already been worn and tried on. I got one thing from Pacsun and 5 from Forever 21 so I'll start with the Pacsun thing first!

This is the Understar Lips muscle tee! I've been searching everywhere for this type of style and honestly PacSun was the last place I expected to find something more edgy like this but they actually carry some awesome graphic tees now. This shirt is really soft and comfortable to wear and I think it could go great with a lot of different outfits, whether worn under a jacket or vest or just by itself. The only thing I'm iffy about is the length since it has more of a cropped fit which I find hard to work with in my wardrobe but I plan on finding some red galaxy leggings eventually to style these with!


Now for Forever 21.

The first thing I got was this I love dinosaurs shirt.

I really loved the colors of this shirt on the site so I was super happy when it came in the mail and they were just as pretty! At first I didn't think I would think like this shirt because it looked absolutely huge compared to what I expected but I think it being oversized really adds to the charm of it. I love wearing it on lazy days with my hair up and a pair of black leggings because its super comfortable while still looking really cool. The design is so cute and I think a lot of people would enjoy this in their wardrobe, its very versatile and would go good with anything.


The next thing I got is this sheer long sleeved shirt.

This is probably one of my favorite things I got from everything. I absolutely love wearing this over printed body suits because its sheer enough to still show the design underneath but adds a more classy covered up look when going out places. I mainly only use it for layering but overshirts are always a necessity to me so it often comes in handy. Plus since its so sheer you could easily pull it off in most weather conditions without feelings too stuffy. I got the smallest size and its very form fitting as well which is a huge plus since Forever 21 clothes very rarely fit this great on me!


To kind of add to the last shirt I got this body suit as well.

This usually isn't something I would pick out for myself since I'm not a big fan of white or stripes but it was super cheap and I've been looking for a plain bodysuit for summer use for a while so I figured it couldn't hurt to try something new. I'm 5'3, 107 pounds and got this in a small and even with a small chest I will admit this is just a bit tight on me in the chest area. Its not to the point that's its overbearing but it definitely seems like it would wear on me after too long of wearing it, however I still do like it a lot and it goes great with layers on top and a pair of black pants. Definitely gives a nice form fitting look and I'm excited to see what outfits I can work it around :D


Whew! Still two more things to go but almost there. The fourth thing I got were these faux leather shorts.

 The back has a little zipper making it much easier to get on and off and the sides have these cute side panels. I got these in a medium and though they fit well around the thighs they're pretty loose around the waist, but it's not entirely noticable so I don't mind it much. These are actually my first pair of shorts in years so I haven't got use of out them yet since I'm not really used to the idea of wearing them yet! I do plan on getting use out of them before the summer ends so we'll see how they hold up :) Overall they are a really nice material though and they seem really good quality for the price paid.


Finally, the last thing I got was this super pretty top.

This is truely one of the prettiest shirts I own and I absolutely love the design and colors in it. I really just wish it was a bit longer and covered up a bit more because it fits like a crop top and doesnt cover very much :( It makes it really hard to style with the stuff in my wardobe but I'm determined to eventually make this work with an outfit because its so beautiful.


Well that's about everything! I have a package from urban outfitters as well coming soon which I'm super excited to post up and another from Romwe with a few leggings, but I don't expect that to be here for another few weeks but I'll post that as well.

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