July 16, 2013

Favorites: Youtubers

I feel like most of my posts have consisted of way too much writing in them which can get pretty boring and dull, so I figured I'd start making more posts lately with less writing but just as much useful information :) To start off here is a small little post about some of my favorite youtubers that may be a bit less known to most people! They all range in content so hopefully theres a channel in here for everyone to like.


-Grav3yardgirl. One of my all time favorites! She has a ton of fashion hauls and videos with a really awesome edgy style but a ton more videos ranging from funny vlogs to some paranormal stories among many others. Really entertaining to watch and posts very often.

-Helen Melonlady. Definitely my new obsession on youtube. Shes so hilarious and adorable with videos about anything involving hair, fashion, and stuff about her band! Really charming to watch and always keeps your attention.


-LittleKiva. One of my favorites with such diversity, her older videos are all amazing and shes so interesting to watch. Has a wide range of videos with a lot of informative ones for people just beginning with makeup.

-Sokolum79. Such amazing talent with some really cool looks to try out! Shes really unique and different which is what really makes her stand out.

-NikkieTutorials. Much more wearable everyday looks while adding a twist to some to keep them interesting. Shes really entertaining to watch and its always fun seeing what she comes up with for her next look :)


-TheReginaldProgram. Super underrated channel! Mostly a gaming channel that consists of anything from little gaming clips and walkthroughs to self made short movies through GMOD. All of his videos are really unique and so amazing. He really deserves way more credit!

-WatchUsLiveAndStuff. Follows around Kalel and Anthony from Smosh with short little vlogs about their day to day life. They're so fun to watch and quite addicting as well! Really cool to see their personal lives through videos and guessing what they'll post up next.

-Sophiechan90. Does really awesome anime and manga drawings! Her art is super beautiful and I love getting to see her finish something from start to end and the techniques she uses.

Thats about it for now! Hopefully you enjoy them :)

Thanks for reading! xoxo ^-^

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