October 28, 2013

Easy Organizing For A Crowded Closet

I don't know about anyone else, but for weeks now I've been super annoyed with how crazy and cluttered my closets been looking since its insanely small for all the storage and clothes I try to squeeze into it, so while working at Target today I came across these really awesome hanging organizers that I thought would be a great idea to free up some rack space and finally have a bit of order in there!

target organizing

I got these at Target on sale for $7.99 I believe, so I figured I'd pick up 2 before they go back up to regular price. I was really sold on these because of the fact that they hang on the closet bar rack so you don't have to take up any extra space in your room or have to set anything up like a shelf in such a tight space.

Before Closet:

messy closet

messy closet

As you can see its not very flattering in the slightest, being nearly impossible to ever sort through anything I need and just a really big inconvenience to ever deal with :{ The cubes at the bottom are piles of clothes I never wear as well, adding an even bigger mess.

After Closet:





I had considered getting a dresser for a while but didn't have any room for one so I accepted the fact that I'd probably have to deal with my closet being messy and crowded until I moved out but these organizers have made a huge difference.

I really love how little space these take up while being able to hold so much, I can have a shelf for everything including long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, jumpers, graphic tees, printed leggings, etc all with their own space so I can go right to the place I need depending on what I want to wear that day :) They're so much more convenient for me and the pictures definitely don't do them justice because they look really great  in person!

I love how I have room under them to store my shoes, before I had to keep them shoved under my futon so they weren't in the way but now they have their own little confined space. Eventually I would love to get one more of these organizers specifically for shoes that target sells, at least when my collection starts growing that is haha :> For now this works out though.

Each organizer includes 6 shelf compartments and the fabric feels really thick and durable so I could see them lasting for a while without having to be replaced, I really wish they had photographed better because I really love how it all turned out and hope I can start making some more space in my room with storage pieces like this.

Let me know what you use to organize your stuff too and where you usually buy it from :)

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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