April 1, 2016

Extra Extra! | MAC Lowers Eyeshadow Price

MAC Single Eyeshadow Refill Pans | Was $10, Now $6

I haven't done a makeup news post like this in a while, but I was recently on the MAC website looking through some of their lipsticks when I was venturing around and noticed that they recently lowered the price of their single eyeshadows from $10 to $6! That's incredible news for anyone who has ever wanted to try some of their shades, but couldn't justify the price when brands like Makeup Geek charge much less for the same, if not better, quality (they are now selling at the same price). 

MAC's eyeshadow popularity was all the rage when I started watching Youtube videos 5 or 6 years ago, but lately they've been super under the radar because of all the cheaper alternatives out there so I think its a great step in the right direction for the company (hopefully we'll hear some news on them changing their animal testing practices too).

I will admit that as someone who owns both MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows, I actually use my Makeup Geek ones far more often as I think the formula is softer and nicer, but I would still purchase colors from MAC I know I can't find anywhere else so I'll probably be filling up a palette soon of some shades. Note that they lowered the price on just the refill pans though (and premade 9 & 15 pan palettes), so you will need something to stick them in once they arrive.

What do you guys think of them lowering the price of their eyeshadows? Are you excited to pick up some colors, or are you not a big buyer from the company?

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