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Hi there, if you don't already know I'm Lizzy Fresh :) I write this blog, Eight-Bit Beauty! I'm 20 years old and currently live in Ohio with my family including my mom, my dad, my younger sister, our 7 dogs, and, of course, our 8 cats. I've been dating the loveliest man since June 1st of 2012, and I really couldn't ask for a better soul mate.

Since day one I've pretty much been a huge tomboy, having a love of Super Nintendo and Playstation 2 as far back as I can remember. I'm a huge Sony fangirl,and my main console these days is my Playstation 3. I'm a pretty novice collector but I hope to have a huge den filled with gaming memorabilia and collectibles in the future! I have an insane passion for anything gaming related and I'm currently working on a college degree in Marketing (so far) to get my foot into the world of gaming.

As for my beauty interests, I really picked up a love for makeup after years of bullying in elementary school, and I just recently found a true love for fashion as well, which I'm still trying to learn more about to broaden my collection away from my usual graphic tees and jeans. Makeup and fashion has really brought back so much of my confidence that I lost in my younger years and I really just love all the possibilities and quirky styles you can come up with when it comes to each, allowing me to be the sweet and charming girl next door one day while being a rebellious 90's wannabe grunge kid the next. For someone like me that gets bored of the same thing way too easily, its quite fun to constantly be a new person :)

As for this blog, I really started it to gain a new hobby for myself and share my interests with the world. I'm such an introverted individual in person, so I love the feeling of being able to talk to an entire audience of people in a comfortable atmosphere and find people with similar interests like mine! I really hope you enjoy my blog and look out for regular updates, as I get bored of my everyday life quite easily ^_^

If you would like to contact me for PR purposes or just have a question, email me at: lizzy_fresh@aol.com

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