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This blog is written by me. Everything contained on this blog is of my own work and honest opinions. Any opinions expressed on this blog are those of me only, and may not reflect the opinions of others or the companies mentioned.

I accept forms of advertising including but not limited to, free products, paid insertions, sponsorship's, cash, and other forms of compensation. Compensation received however will never influence my honest opinion of any of the products or advertisers mentioned, and I will never lie about a product even if it was gifted or provided to me for free by the respective companies. Any product that is sponsored or provided for free / paid advertisement for the purpose of a review will be marked with an asterisk *.

Links will always be provided when possible of products mentioned on this blog for the convenience of the reader. These links however are affiliate links provided by Skimlinks, who automatically add affiliations to links that contain approved merchants. For more information on how Skimlinks works, visit their website here.

This policy is in effect from March 2nd, 2014, until stated otherwise.


Eight-Bit Beauty is a PR friendly blog. If you would like to contact me for PR purposes or just have a question, email me at:

 My Follower Stats are as follows:*

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Monthly Views: 1,200 - 1,700
*As of 7/21/2016

Ratings System

My blog uses a star ratings system when reviewing products ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. To avoid confusion, here is a guide to what each star and rating represents:

1 star: Horrible product, issues clearly outweigh any positives. Would not repurchase or recommend anyone else to purchase.
2 stars: Bad Product. Many issues that over shadow positives. Would not repurchase or recommend anyone else to purchase.
3 stars: Okay Product. Some issues and some positives. Might repurchase, and would recommend trying out to certain people depending on preferences and needs.

4 stars: Good Product. Many positives and only a few slight issues. Would most likely repurchase and recommend for most people to try.

5 stars: Amazing Product. Almost all positives, with maybe 1 slight issue at most. Would repurchase and recommend anyone to try.

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