January 27, 2014

Review: Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner & Jar

As promised, I have finally gotten around to doing a review on the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner and Jar that I bought from Beautylish a few weeks ago so here you are! :) I'll include a list of pros and cons at the bottom along with a short paragraph of my overall thoughts on each product.

As you can see there is a little net screen at the bottom of the jar that allows a bit of space underneath for the leftover makeup products on your brushes to fall down to, that way it isn't mixing around in the same area as the cleaner and dirtying up your brushes at the same time. 

As the Beautylish website recommends, I poured just enough of the brush cleaning liquid to cover slightly over the netting while lying flat.

I then stuck in my small dirty stipple brush and lightly swiped it back and forth until the product seemed to be removed, and brushed it over a clean towel to remove any excess cleaner and leftover makeup grime.

Even on white bristles, all of the foundation that I thought had stained my brush came out!

Heres another brush I did, a flat top brush from Makeupgeek that I also have used for foundation:

I was by far the most impressed with this. I've cleaned it on several separate occasions with some regular shampoo before and it never came close to this clean, it looks brand new in my opinion!

And here are the rest of my clean brushes after the entire process :)

Now for my pros and cons on the product:

-Extremely easy to use
-Much faster than normal cleaning, and something you could even do every morning after each use.
-The jar has a lid allowing you to close up any leftover product for next times use.
-Really pleasant orange scent, and surprisingly very natural. I'm used to the artificial orange scent other products use so this really surprised me when it smelled exactly like the real deal!
-Gets any brushes (at least mine) to looking as good as new.
-The jar is multi-purpose, and you can use it with other makeup cleaners if you don't prefer the Parian Spirit one.

-A bit pricey, but you get a good amount of cleaner in each jug.
-The orange scent can be too strong for some people.
-Dirtier and larger brushes seem to suck up quite a bit of cleaner when using the jar. (Beautylish recommends filling the cap of the jar with cleaner instead and dipping your larger brushes in it that way, then wiping it on a towel but I haven't tried this yet. Will leave an update when I do!)

Overall, from what I've used of my Parian Spirit set so far, I've really been enjoying both products equally. I think the jar is a great extra feature that really makes brush cleaning much less time consuming and more convenient, while the cleaner itself has a really nice formula that has gotten all my brushes back to looking new. While the orange scent can be a bit much for some people, I really love how natural it smells, and it makes all my brushes smell pretty for days! I've also read negative reviews about some people claiming that the cleaner has left a "film" like covering on their brushes that they feel during the next usage, but I haven't experienced anything like that at all so I'd recommend wiping each brush on a towel after each cleaning if you run into this problem. This is one of the first brush cleaners I've owned but I have to say I'm definitely beyond impressed with everything these products have to offer.

Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase? Yes! 

If you'd like to read Beautylish's how-to post on Parian Spirit, go here: Parian Spirit Tutorial


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