December 29, 2013

Mini Christmas Clearance Haul: Target

Today in Target I was absolutely in heaven working the holiday section! I couldn't believe how much cute stuff we still had leftover from the holidays that went super cheap on clearance so I made it my mission to pick up a couple of small things on each of my breaks haha. Heres a little mini haul of everything I got, I'd say total I paid about $15 which was awesome considering the lights alone were worth that much :) If you see anything you like be sure to head to Target ASAP before everythings gone, its all already 50-70% off!

(One thing I didn't pick up were ornaments since I don't live on my own with my own tree, but for any Disney fans out there we had absolutely gorgeous collectors ornaments on clearance too!)

If they're still some goodies laying around on Tuesday I'll probably pick up a few more items and maybe even some to store for the future, those clearance prices are just too hard to resist :<

I hope you enjoyed the few little things I got, talk to you all again soon ^_^

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