January 24, 2014

OOTD: Almost Easy

I know its been ages since I've put up an outfit post so I'm really stoked I actually had time to get some shots for you guys today! I almost forgot how much I enjoy it, they seem to be some of my favorite posts to do for my blog so I'm excited to start doing them more often again :} This is just a quick little outfit I put together for college, I noticed I hadn't even worn my F21 striped bodysuit at all since I got it so I thought why not today.

Though I'm fine with this outfit, I definitely would rather have paired it with a different outer layer instead of the mid-sleeve one I have on here, such as a long sleeved black or white cardigan or even some suspenders in the summer time! For some reason I realized today that this is the only black outer layer I even own besides a hoodie though so needless to say I'll be going on a buying spree of them soon haha.

This was much more of a "test" run considering its my first time shooting in a new place and with my new wireless remote so I was just getting a feel for everything, but one thing I did notice is the clarity and sharpness of some of the other shots I got seems to be a bit off, so my question to anyone that takes outfit pictures is what setting on your camera do you use to take outfit shots with? I tried just about every one of them and none seemed to want to focus on every area so any help is appreciated! ^_^

Striped Bodysuit / Forever 21
Black Mid-sleeve Cardigan / Kohls
Disco Pants / Missguided

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