April 10, 2014

Sephora Haul: Brand Firsts

 In the words of Grav3yardgirl, its time for a new Sephora hurl!

This is actually only my third or fourth purchase from Sephora ever, mainly due to my ever-growing frugal ways haha. I always find it hard to splurge on beauty products since they seem to get used up so fast, but the other day I was thinking how having a job is really unrewarding when you never spend your income on things you want, so I thought what better way to spend some money and cheer me up then on a bunch of Sephora stuff?

Nearly everything I got this time around are from pretty big brands I've never tried before (apart from a Kat Von D sample), so I'm pretty excited to be able to try new companies out and see if any of them become regulars in my life.

Of the new brands I purchased including samples, I'd say I'm definitely most excited about trying Philosophy, Too Faced, and Tokyomilk (such a killer name). Of course Philosophy and Too Faced are basically household names at this point, but I actually never hear anything about Tokyomilk. Their lip elixirs sounded way to amazing to resist though, and even at a hefty $7 each the size of it is pretty substantial and I honestly want to collect them all now :x

I also spent 100 beauty points on a deluxe sample size of Benefits new liquid to powder foundation (I didn't expect it to be the size of a peanut though!), which I honestly haven't heard many great things about, but they sprung choosing a reward on me at the last second of checking out and I figured why not just pick something I've heard of haha. The other samples I got are all pretty awesome as well though, I'm not sure how that perfume ended up in there but I'm really excited to try it all regardless :)

I will say it was a sad day to buy online though: I originally had OCCs Primary Pack of mini liptars in my cart which I was by far the most excited about until I got to the paying part and realized it had sold out since I added it to my cart agh haha! I was so disappointed but I swapped it with Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings kit so not all was lost, since the kit does have some great best sellers. Needless to say, I still have my eye on a bunch of other Benefit kits including those liptars when they get back in stock, so perhaps these Sephora hauls will become more frequent afterall ;)

I plan on doing a review on nearly everything I got eventually (thank god summers coming up), so stay tuned!

Shown above:
Sephora / Face Complexion Brush in Pink
Philosophy / Purity Made Simple Face Cleanser 8oz
Tokyomilk / Dark Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixir in 42
Too Faced / Beauty Blogger Darlings 
OCC / Ultra Matte Top Coat in Flatline

GlamGlow / Bright Mud Eye Treatment
Kat Von D / Unlock It Makeup Remover Wipes
Dior / Hydra Life BB Cream
Jean Paul Gaultier / Le Male Cologne

Beauty Points:
100 points:
Benefit / The Big Easy Liquid To Powder Foundation in Light/Medium


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  1. What a great haul. I think you'll love TokyoMilk. They have awesome products and always smell very nice.