June 24, 2013

Sheinside First Impression

So since I've started to actually care about fashion lately, I thought I would make my first post about what I just received in the mail today: my galaxy sweatshirt and galaxy leggings from SheInside finally! This was my first time ever ordering from them so I wasn't sure what to expect with the whole one size fits all ordeal or how the quality would be, but after receiving them today I am definitely impressed :)

I know this site has been everywhere from fashion blogs to YouTube lately so it definitely seemed slightly sketchy at first, but I had nothing bad come out of the purchase so theres no complaining here. I think the only con I encountered was the shipping took about 15 days when it said 5-10 on the site, but it was free anyways and the quality I received was well enough satisfying. I also ordered another shirt from them which ended up being out of stock, but customer service helped resolve the issue and exchanged it for a nearly identical one which should be here shortly!

The sweatshirt is really pretty with bright vibrant colors and a fuzzy white covering on the inside so I know it'll definitely be amazingly comfortable to wear in the winter! The fitting is perfect for a pullover depsite being one size fits all, I usually wear a small in shirts and this is baggy enough to be comfortable but not huge and boxy ^-^

The leggings I was really impressed by as well, they honestly look just like a Blackmilk pair but 50 bucks cheaper! They're by far my most comfortable pair of pants I own now and they'll be a staple of mine from here on out, I think they have officially started a leggings binge for me haha :s

SheInside - Sweatshirt
SheInside - Leggings

Thanks for reading :)

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