November 28, 2013

New House Designing - Bedroom And Bathroom: Before

Hey everyone! So the time has officially come for me to begin moving into my new house :D I'm so excited to finally be done with all the packing and messy chaos that moving involves, definitely not fun to be living in a house full of boxes for 2 weeks!

I'm also really excited to be back to a more normal schedule of blogging, it's such a fun hobby to me now that I don't feel like I'm only talking to myself haha :)

Today was our first day with the keys so we've just begun the real process to come but I thought it would be fun to do a designing/start to finish series of posts for my bathroom and bedroom :) So today I've just taken some before shots to give you all a feel for what I'll be starting with. I love being able to start a project fresh from a clean slate so I can truly make it my own, and as you can see from the pictures these rooms are definitely as plain as it gets.



As you can see I was lucky enough to get the basement haha, but I'm actually really enjoying the space! The pictures make it seem much smaller but in person it's a great size and I really like having carpet for a change, I've lived with hardwood floors for as long as I can remember so it'll be nice to have something new :)

Unfortunately, this is a rent to own so I won't be able to paint anything (huge bummer), but I have some other ideas up my sleeve that will hopefully make up for the walls being a drab.

Anyhow, hope you all enjoy the holidays ahead and keep an eye out for my posts during the design process of these rooms. I'll be purchasing all my furnishings on a pretty tight budget so hopefully it gives some of you a few good ideas to spice up a room in your house.

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon ^_^ Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

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