December 3, 2013

My Top 10 of 2013: Bloggers/Youtubers

Here's another of my top 10 of 2013 for you all today :) And its all about my favorite bloggers and youtubers this year!
Enjoy and please check them out if you have time :) They're all insanely awesome and loads of fun to watch in your downtime.

1.) Helen Melonlady

Main channel theme: Hair, makeup, fashion, and vlogs.
Video to watch first: Ask Melon #2 WITH JOE

2.) LittleKiva

Main channel theme: Makeup and hair.
Video to watch first: My Secret To A "Flawless Complexion"

3.) Sokolum79

Main channel theme: Makeup.
Video to watch first: My First GRWM!

4.) NikkieTutorials

Main channel theme: Makeup.
Video to watch first: 4th of July Makeup Tutorial

5.) Beautycrush

Main channel theme: Beauty.
Video to watch first: GLOWY & GLAM MAKEUP


Main channel theme: Makeup and random videos.
Video to watch first: TUTORIAL: Violet Smokey Eye!


Main channel theme: Gaming and tablet drawings.
Video to watch first: Cheese Daydream

8.)Amy Valentine

Main channel theme: Fashion


Main channel theme: Fashion and other random videos.
Video to watch first: Get Ready With Me - Date Edition


Main channel theme: Vlogs
Video to watch first: A Romantic Day In Japan

What were some of your favorite youtubers and bloggers this year?

Thanks for reading and check back for more top 10 lists soon! ^_^

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