December 4, 2013

Question Of The Week: 12/4/13

Hey everyone!

Ahhh I'm seriously hating this whole moving thing lately! :( I miss being on here so much and actually posting about something useful haha, my recent posts have become so lack luster without my camera with me at the old house. We're nearly finished with all the boxes though, now we just have to get the furniture stuff moved over then we'll finally be there for good :)
 Unfortunately, I recently bought a wireless remote for my Nikon to make outfit photos easier and more sharp but apparently the D3100 only takes wired remotes grrrr! Really disappointing but I'm sure a cord in the picture is better then a blurry rushed photo :s I did buy an external flash that I have yet to use however, so if it ends up being impressive I'll be sure to give you all a review on that since it was an awesome price :)

Anyhow, I still want to keep up with posting regularly even without a camera with me so I figured while I'm in the moving process, why not do a question of the day that involves room stuff?

So in that case, today's topic IS: Decorating Essentials

What are some of your favorite decor pieces in either your bedroom, bathroom, or even house, and where did you buy them? What are some of your favorite decorating tips and/or styles? 

I'm definitely far from an interior designer so I could definitely use any cool sites to pick up some unique stuff from. I like a lot of Urban Outfitters home stuff, but it all seems out of my budget at the moment :( I'd love to hear any suggestions of yours though :)

Thanks for reading everyone and thanks again for being patient with the posts lately! ^_^ 

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