December 4, 2013

Lazy Post: New Hair Color

Coming so soon to bother you all again ;) I just realized I haven't had a picture of myself on here in a while so I thought I would share my instagram (@lizzyxfresh) picture of my new hair I dyed again recently!

I had been trying to stay somewhat permanent with a Feria red color and keeping my bangs bleached blonde but I got so bored of the color, I guess I just can't deal with staying away from my Manic Panic haha :<

So here it is:

My red is a mix of Loreal Feria's Deep Burgundy and Manic Panic's Vampire Red while the blue is Manic Panic's Rockabilly Blue mixed with a bit of Tresemme's normal conditioner in the large white bottle to tone it down a bit and lighten it up :) Any plain white conditioner will do though.

I'll list any other products shown in the picture that I can as well for you below! ^_^

Nail Polish - Avon's Midnight Plum (shows up nearly black in person though with two coats)
Jean Vest - Forever 21
Ear Stretching Kit - Amazon (still at a measly 2G, I'm so impatient with these!)
Phone Case - Amazon



  1. Wow just love your hair especially all the short layers so much texture really like the colour combination too! <3
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  2. Hello Lizzy! I love your hairstyle! You've done a great job with the colors, and I really didn't expect them to be mixture of two different brands. Anyway, I do hope you'll post more of your fashion styles on this blog. And hopefully, you'll post more of your photos when you decided to change hair colors again. Thanks for the share! :)

    Maurice West @

  3. I would like to tell that I too have undergone a treatment of my hair from a good and reputed beauty salon and they treated my hair by applying various types of colors to dye my hair.
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  4. I LOVE your hair! The red and blue go together really well. :)