December 21, 2013

New House Has Internet (FINALLY), So I'm Back! :) & An Update On Room Setups

Hi everyone! Why yes, I'm Back :D

Bwah, I honestly missed blogging so much this month, but it was such a busy and hectic last few weeks at that! We're finally living in the new house which has been a pleasant experience thus far, and everything has been coming together quite nicely so I thought I'd post a few update pictures with everyone to share the progress of the rooms so far in my neck of the house :) (Okay, I lied, just one room, the bathroom is still being neglected haha.)

AND the dreaded closet thus far...

As you can see its still quite a mess, these were taken about a week or so ago though therefore I've made even more progress. I'm nearly finished with placing everything in the position I want it so I'll do a "finished product" follow up soon! :) This huge upgrade in room size has definitely persuaded me that I really need to buy more stuff haha, it feels so empty and dull at the moment. My plan is to hopefully buy some really bright colored tribal print rugs that I always see on the Urban Outfitters site along with a few terrariums here and there and who knows what else :) For now as you can see though I just have a mass array of black furnishings everywhere and a few posters up so far :<

Anyways, thank you all for reading and I'm insanely happy to be back! I don't have too many posts planned in the near future so far (except for a review of my X Rocker Gaming Chair - stay tuned for that soon), and with all the holidays coming up it might be a bit hard to get on here but I've been widely ambitious with some ideas lately to bring to this blog and I really have high expectations going into the new year so stick around for all that's to come :) I really want to find my calling on here, with better professional pictures and add my own little charm to the whole page so we'll see if I can work this all out, I'm crossing my fingers for a better blog in the new year!

Okay, enough rambling. Thanks again for reading and Merry early Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! ^_^

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