January 11, 2014

Dupe Day #2 // Ikea Alex Drawer Dupe

Lately, I've been obsessed with watching makeup collections on YouTube looking for new ways to store my stuff seeing as my current setup is a huge mess, so with nearly every video I saw having the Ikea Alex Drawer unit I had to look into getting one for myself! 

While they aren't all that expensive from Ikea with the 5 drawer unit being $80 and the 9 drawer being $120, I couldn't possibly see paying an extra $50-$200 for shipping costs alone, so I set out to find a dupe that would have the same look and convenience with a bit of a lower price tag.

I honestly lost all hope at one point because I wasn't getting any search results for anything other than the Ikea set, but I finally resorted to Amazon and surprisingly found this awesome set by Winsome Halifax with free shipping! 

Amazon sells these in both black, white, and brown with both a 5 drawer set and a 7 drawer set, and they look really authentic compared to the Alex Unit in my opinion! Pictured above is the 5 drawer set in black. I couldn't decide if I wanted the white or black to begin with so I really like that the inside of the drawers on this one are white because it lightens everything up a bit and looks really nice :)

The only difference I've noticed is that in the Ikea set the bottom drawers are a bit larger then the rest while in the Halifax all the drawers are the same size, but I actually prefer them to be all the same size. They're still a bit pricey at $85 for the 5 drawer and $110 for the 7 drawer, but without the shipping costs you save a ton of money regardless so I definitely recommend these if you're someone like me who doesn't live near an Ikea store and doesn't want to spend a fortune on shipping.

Overall I'm really happy with this drawer unit and while it took a while to set up, the outcome is amazing and the unit seems really high quality so I'm hoping this will answer all my makeup storage needs :) Once I start getting my own makeup into these I'll do my own little collection and storage post too ^_^

You can purchase these drawers here:


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