January 7, 2014

1 Month Moving Update: Bedroom Process

Since I've been living in my new house for about a month now I thought I would do a little updated post about how my bedrooms been coming along, since its the area I've been working on most! I still have a ton of stuff to buy since an entire section of my room is absolutely empty, but I'm hoping to be pretty much settled in and finished in the next month so we'll see how that goes :) I still need to order a larger mattress along with a bed frame and some type of couch and coffee table, but I'm hoping to shop around this week for everything. 

Anyhow, here are the pictures! Let me know if there's anything pictured that you'd like to know where I bought it from and I'll try to find a link to it for you :) I'll start out with the not so glamorous shots of each wall of the room so you get an idea of where everything is, then do some close ups of the main areas and lastly a few detailed shots of whats on a shelf and various areas of interest :) 

(I totally forgot to get pictures of the empty half of my room on the side where my closet is, but thats pretty uninteresting anyways)

                        My sad extra makeup storage haha, Ikea Alex Drawer DUPE coming soon though ;D

So that's pretty much it, as you can see it still has a bit to go but I'm pretty content with the process so far, I really couldn't have asked for a smoother move. I recently bought a new desk on amazon and a drawer unit (you'll see those soon), so I'll probably be making another updated post within the next few weeks.

I also go back to college next Monday so we'll be back to OOTD's again too! I feel like I've been saying that forever but its finally almost here haha, I'm in desperate need of new clothes so I'll keep up with getting hauls and outfit pictures of everything I get as always. Thanks for reading and talk to you again soon ^_^

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