January 2, 2014

My Top 10 of 2013: Brands & Stores

Here we are into 2014 already it seems :D For the first top 10 post continuing into the new year I thought I would do my favorite brands and stores I was obsessed with in 2013! This past year was definitely one of my most broad years of shopping as far as experimenting and purchasing from new companies goes, thanks to all the brands I've seen other bloggers talk and rave about. These are all brands that I found myself going back to again and again this year, and was consistently happy with the quality of every product I got :) I hope you all had as great of a year as I did in 2013, and I'm definitely excited for all the things that 2014 has yet to hold  ^_^ Have a fun night and be safe!
(No order)

1.) Romwe
Why I love them: Okay, I only have one word and that is: leggings! I absolutely loved this brand in 2013 for the insane amount of variety in leggings that they carry. Though I find the medium a bit to baggy on me, I plan to buy an insane amount of smalls in 2014 so I really hope they keep carrying such neat designs, they really allow people like me on a budget that drool over brands like Blackmilk every night to actually afford some pretty similar pieces that are just as gorgeous.
Website: Romwe

2.) Bethesda
Why I love them: Skyrim, Fallout, Dishonored... must I say more? Bethesda is one of my ultimate favorite gaming studios and I always get absolutely obsessed with everything they put out. Their games are truly my exact taste and I'm super excited for what they'll bring in 2014 with all the new consoles out now (such as The Evil Within). If you're someone who wants to get into more open world games, Bethesda is your first stop!
Website: Bethesda

3.) Target
Why I love them: Besides working there of course, they really do carry pretty much anything you could possibly ask for that not only is good quality, but also has a much more updated and modern style. I know we constantly put out new brands and fresh looks for the constantly changing trends so Target is always my safe shopping place that I know I can find something I'll like for an affordable price.
Website: Target

4.) Choies
Why I love them: Much like Romwe, I love Choies for all the variety they carry and really unique pieces I find on their website, they definitely carry some awesome statement pieces to spice up any outfit and I love everything I've bought from them so far.
Website: Choies

5.) Missguided
Why I love them: They carry so many items that I only can ever find on much more expensive websites such as their disco leggings, and the quality of their items is amazing for the price that you pay.
Website: Missguided

6.) Shop Jeen
Why I love them: They carry so much quirky stuff besides clothes that I've never seen before, many of which I got as Christmas gifts for friends and family! They have such a unqiue range of items and though some of their products are a bit more expensive for what they're worth, they frequently have awesome sales that are well worth what you receive.
Website: Shop Jeen

7.) Forever 21
Why I love them: Forever 21 is definitely my go to website and store anytime I need something new because I know I always find something I love there. You really can't beat their prices for their insanely updated collections and I constantly roam the website for new things to add to my wishlist! They have pretty much everything you could ever need and I absolutely love their layering pieces and graphic tees for all year round use.
Website: Forever 21

8.) Bath And Body Works
Why I love them: I'll admit I never use to be a big fan of Bath and Body Works because there was genuinely nothing I would ever find there that I loved enough to purchase any time I would stop in their stores, but this year my mom got a part time job working there again and I was immediately sold after seeing all the goodies she brings home! I've become absolutely obsessed with their Christmas scents in pretty much everything, ranging from their candles and body sprays to even their lipglosses. I especially love any of their scents involving mint (such as my Mint Chocolate and Buttercream Mint candles) along with Merry Marshmallow, since anyone who knows me knows that I kind of have a slight obsession with any treat involving either of the two haha.
Website: Bath And Body Works

9.) Walmart
Why I love them: Ah yes, Walmart. I know Walmart tends to receive quite a lot of criticism but I honestly really liked shopping there this year. Before a few months ago I hadn't been in their stores for at least a year but this year anytime I needed something for my move (such as a new bookcase or towels), I found myself shopping here for the super low prices and pretty solid selection of everything I was looking for. Though they might not have the most up to date styles, I find them to be an awesome place for your basic essentials at such a great price.
Website: Walmart

10.) Manic Panic
Why I love them: For those of you out there that've done crazy colors to your hair in the past, chances are you've tried out Manic Panic at least once. Manic Panic really allowed me to have such a fun time with my hair this past year, with going every color from bright blue bangs and black hair to vampire red hair and green bangs for the holidays, all because of their insanely broad selection of colors. Even though my hair is officially now (mostly) retired from the brand since I recently went black again, they definitely deserve a spot in my top ten for all the fun and constant change they've given me these past few months :)
Website: Manic Panic

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoyed ^_^ (these pictures took foooorever to put together so I think I've learned to keep taking them myself from now on haha!)



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    1. Of course! I followed you as well ^.^

  2. Love this list!! Target and Forever 21 are my favorites, too. I have heard about Romwe and Choies a lot but never used them yet. Hopefully this year. :)


  3. I love missguided!!