January 1, 2014

The Bucket List

Ah yes, another lengthy and pictureless post for you all :P I know these are quite boring for some people, but I really enjoy writing posts like this that give a bit more information as far as who I am goes, especially since this blog is still quite new and I want people to discover who I really am, so in the spirit of the holidays and New Year resolutions I thought I would post up my bucket list that I've been updating for probably about 3 or 4 years now! When I first wrote it I had about 50 goals on here and every so often I'll come back to it to cross stuff out that I've accomplished and add new goals depending on whats changing in my life at the time, but I always still keep any old goals I originally had in the process.

Since I did write it at 15 or 16, some of the bullet points are things I no longer care for so I guess this isn't a genuine bucket list, but at one point in my life I saw it as a goal and I could always change my mind again so who knows, I just keep it on here anyways :)

Okay, enough blabbing, heres the list now! It's quite lengthy so I'll go ahead and add a page break after this paragraph so my page isn't cluttered with this thing haha, don't forget to press read more if you're interested in reading it.

  1. Find someone who I'll be truely happy with.
  2. Visit at least 10 countries
  3. Climb a Mountain
  4. Go surfing
  5. Be successful
  6. Volunteer at some sort of shelter for homeless
  7. Start a life journal
  8. Buy a house near a cliff
  9. Go to a real rainforest
  10. See the Eiffel Tower in person
  11. Learn to fish
  12. Dive in a submarine
  13. Buy a telescope
  14. Skinny Dip
  15. Go scuba diving
  16. Vacation in Japan for a week or more and view the houses and architecture
  17. Own an in ground swimming pool
  18. Own a Wiener Dog
  19. Plant a tree
  20. See the ball drop in person in New York City one year.
  21. Travel on at least two famous bridges
  22. Own a Nikon
  23. Watch someone give birth
  24. Take hundreds of photos through out life and hang them everywhere in the house to remember what I've lived through
  25. Donate money to a good cause
  26. Discover my life purpose
  27. Try fish
  28. Go blonde for a month, even if it looks horrible.
  29. Finish High School
  30. Meet a celebrity
  31. Own a vacation beach house away from other people
  32. Sleep in a haunted house
  33. Have an encounter with a ghost
  34. Create a youtube video and get +100,000 views for fun
  35. Have a small and close family
  36. Have a large aquarium in the house
  37. Own a fireplace in the house
  38. Have a backyard with a pond and lots of trees
  39. Have sex in 20 different places in at least 5 different locations
  40. Shop in at least ten stores in New York City.
  41. Go to ten different famous food shops in ten different areas.
  42. Visit at least 25 places in downtown Cleveland.
  43. Visit a MAC store
  44. Get a gym/rec membership
  45. Be happy with my career
  46. Sleep on a boat for two or more nights
  47. Visit Africa, and live how they do for at least a week.
  48. Always stay under at least 120 pounds, unless its by muscle or pregnancy.
  49. Get a career in either Law Enforcement (Detective, Criminal Investigator, Forensics Examiner, etc), or Astronomy.
  50. Have 5,000+ trophies on Play Station 3.
  51. Learn to cook
  52. Be a vegetarian for a least 2 months, whether it continues afterwards or not
  53. Conquer a fear
  54. Drive to the middle of no where at night and lay on the hood of the car, looking at the stars.
  55. Go camping for at least two days
  56. Get entire body waxed
  57. Spend the night in a car with someone
  58. Have the kitchen in the house be a western or Japanese theme.
  59. Own a walk in shower with clear glass doors
  60. Go to an Inglot store and buy $100 worth of makeup.
  61. Own a camper
  62. Develop my own secret family recipe
  63. Live in another state besides Ohio for at least a year
  64. Stay off the internet for a week
  65. Go to a nightclub
  66. Get a promise ring from a boy
  67. Learn to draw and take it up as a hobby
  68. Write a book. At least 300+ pages, doesn't have to get published.
  69. Own a cabin in the woods.
  70. Have a sunroom, porch, and deck.
  71. Have a personal library of books, movies, and games as a room in the house.
  72. Travel from one end of the country to the other end by car.
  73. Try shrooms.
  74. Own 20 different game consoles.
  75. Start a makeup collection with over 100 high end items.
  76. Get a body piercing other then ears.
  77. Have more then 5 tattoos.
  78. Own a record player
  79. Have over 200 records
  80. Own a volkswagen van
  81. Win something in a contest
  82. Spend a night in jail
  83. Design an outfit and wear it in public
  84. Build something from scratch
  85. Design at least 10 MAC face charts
  86. Talk with a british or irish accent for a week straight
  87. Go to a drive in movie theatre
  88. Own a pair of Jeffrey Campbells

So if you've read this far and see this than thank you haha! I know some are a little dumb but after re-reading it for myself I think most of them are fairly simple so here's to crossing off at least 3 this year :} I usually update this through Facebook but since I've posted it on here now I'll go ahead and update any new or completed ones through this post, hopefully I can get 100 listed by the end of 2014 :) I'll make an update post at the end of the year to look back and see how I did.

Thanks again and if you're interested in doing your own bucket list or already have one send me a link to yours or share some goals you have too! ^_^

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  1. Woohoo!! Great list. I need to travel and see more countries too!! :)