January 1, 2014

So Long 2013; Hello To A New Year!

Happy New Year everyone :D I hope you all had a great night and more importantly a great year. 

Much like everyone else I've read New Year resolution posts for, I've never really been one to make resolutions simply because I've always felt pretty content with life, but I feel like 2013 brought such an insane amount of changes to my life including the birth of this blog,  being diagnosed with panic disorder, starting my first semester of college, and moving away from my childhood home that I figured why not make this year just as eventful and make myself a small little list of things to accomplish :) I'm an insanely organized person as it is so perhaps this will be good for me to really set my priorities straight and refrain from putting these plans off any longer! 

So here it is, my humble little collection of goals I wish to accomplish this year :)

-Finally start a collection of preserved animals since I now have the room for it.
         I know this is a topic not everyone agrees with, but I think preserved animals are so fascinating and it's beautiful to be giving life to these creatures through admiration and collecting that they perhaps were cut short of or weren't able to experience at all. My favorite animal in the world is pigs so this is my way of being able to own one, as well as other exotic animals such as an octopus, for the purpose of learning to see beauty in everything, even in the dead. There's much deeper meaning to all of this that ties into my anxiety, but perhaps that will be for its own little post :>

-Eat healthier (perhaps become vegetarian?) and start working out.
        So of course, I had to add the resolution that pretty much everyone has haha. This is something that's really major for me though because my diet pretty much consists of pizza on a daily basis with other snacks throughout the day, including two parents with two jobs so needless to say fast food is frequently the meal of the night. With recently having the Target I work at remodeled to be Pfresh with fruits and vegetables, my goal is to really focus on buying my own food this year and bringing much more variety to my diet. 

-Really learn my style of blogging and a go to spot for picture taking.
        Ah, this is definitely a major thing I've been trying to figure out on my blog lately! I see everyone with such pretty set ups for their photos with great lighting and editing but I just can't seem to find that go-to area to photograph at yet, or the proper background that enhances the picture without swaying attention from the products being shown. I think I'm just going to go through a test phase these next few weeks, trying out every background and area in my room that I can, it's just much more difficult to find great lighting when you're limited to a basement. Finding my blogging voice is a big goal of mine as well, where I sound professional in my writing, but still very much myself :) 

-Get my license and start putting away money for a new place of my own
        Both are pretty self explanatory, and with turning 20 this year they're both equally something I've definitely been putting off for too long :<

-Focus on learning more about fashion and converting my makeup to more higher end products.
       Fashion is definitely something started to dabble in for the first time in 2013, and it was super fun for me :) Before 2013 it was always one of those things I found rather pointless and never considered a part of my interests but after buying a few pieces I absolutely adored this past year, it's definitely become a huge hobby of mine I hope to improve on! I'm still horrible with piecing outfits together and splurging on items I love so I really wanna focus on learning about all aspects of fashion and going for those statement pieces that may be pricey, but will be worth it in the end. Along with that, I found that all the makeup products I grew obsessed with this year were those from either MAC or Sephora while all my drugstore products (for the most part) were left laying around getting no use, so I really learned that while certain items may be pricey, it's worth it in the end to splurge on a product you'll love rather than going through 20 drugstore products you never go back to.

-Start selling my extra stuff online.
        This is pretty broad, but something I've wanted to do for a while now. My parents are definitely not the type to ever have garage sales, and I have an insane amount of clothing that I never wear anymore due to it either not fitting or not being my style anymore (yes I'm talking to you, hundreds of Hollister and Aeropostale shirts), so selling online is something I've been considering for a while but never knew how to go about it or if the risks would be worth it, but if I'm not wearing the stuff anyways I mind as well try to get rid of it somehow if not by donating so I really hope I have the drive to finally list some stuff this year and how it all works out.

And lastly, quite a simple one:

-Find a go-to skincare routine that I can finally stick with!
       2013 was definitely an adventure for my skin. I never have much more then a slight breakout here and there, but towards the end of the past year my skin felt like it was going crazy with white bumps and red circles flashing up in a new area everyday. I tried quite a few products through out the year, some of which I really liked like my St. Ives scrub, but I really hope to find an entire routine l love including toner and all that I consistently go back to and keeps my skin in tip top shape everyday. (As a foreshadow, I really wanna try out a clairsonic so we'll see!) 

And to start off the new year here's an unflattering phone photo of the boyfriend and me for the first time in blogger world :D (Can you tell I really couldn't find a festive photo to use in this post haha).

Hope you all had an awesome day, see you again soon with a few more top 10's to start the new year off with and let me know some of your resolutions! ^_^

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