February 3, 2014

Haul: Forever 21

 Its pretty safe to say that lately I've been pretty bored of my wardrobe and all the same clothes every season, so luckily Forever 21 has been getting in some really awesome stuff these past few months so I picked up a few items to show you all :)

On the left is this cute long sleeved bone design crop top and finally a velvet piece in my wardrobe! I've been totally in love with the velvet trend going on lately so I was really excited to see this dress on the site for so cheap, not to mention in such a pretty color. I did get a size small which does run quite tiny though so I would definitely recommend sizing up, as its already a bodycon fit as it is! Its still wearable which is great but it will need some stretching out to fit comfortably.

And here are my more expensive purchases, a baby pink cardigan and this amazing space invaders jumper :) I really loved the color of this cardigan and thought it would be something cute and romantic to add to my otherwise dark collection of clothes, and of course how could I resist such an awesome jumper?! It has quite an oversized fit but its perfect for those super comfy days when you don't care about anything but relaxing and getting through the school day.

Bone Crop Top / Small
Velvet Dress / Small
Pink Cardigan / Small
Space Invaders Jumper / Small



  1. Your velvet dress reminds me of the time I got one (in black and a slightly different style) from them and the small size didn't cover my butt. Oh well. Made a nice top with leggings.

    Nice haul though :)


    1. Ah yeah thats how this one seems to fit! I got a dress from them before that fit like that and I honestly liked it much better as a top so I purposely went with the small size on this one too haha, it feels much more wearable on my end since I'm not huge on dresses.

      Thank you though! :)

  2. Forever21 has been stepping it up lately (I just finished a order from them, so I guess I'll be getting in a haul soon!) I'd love to see the velvet dress on you; in my experience, velvet can be too body-hugging and shimmery, or really elegant if it's done well.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Oh I know! Their designs and clothing alike feel much better quality then previously, its become almost a slight obsession checking on their site quite often now haha.

      I definitely agree though, because this dress fits so small I'm hoping I don't get that overly shimmery disco look so I guess we'll have to find out when this snow stops making it 10 degrees here in Ohio :)

  3. Hey! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :-)
    Check out the post!