February 7, 2014

Brand of the Month: January

Hey everyone! Ahh I know I've been a bit less active on here lately but I've just been getting super slammed with school stuff so its been quite hard to focus on blogging but I'm trying my best to spew up a few post ideas again to get back in the creative flow on here :)

Today I thought I'd do a new set of posts I've been thinking about for a while which is a brand I've been obsessed with for the previous month! Hope you enjoy.

BOTM January: Living Dead Clothing

Much like Blackmilk, Living Dead Clothing is this amazing printed leggings site with everything ranging from of course, printed leggings as well as dresses, swimsuits, and skirts alike! Not only are they much cheaper than Blackmilk, they also mostly cater to gaming themed prints (as well as some amazing girly mermaid stuff) so they're absolutely perfect for a fellow gaming (yet girly) geek like me! As much as I love everything Blackmilk puts out, I find their prices way too high and the stuff I like far too limited, anything I ever seem to like thats released on there is gone in a month which makes it really, really crappy for people like me who need to save up for their pieces just to find that they're gone by the time you have the money. I also find most of their more media related releases to be things I like at some level but not enough to pay a fortune for, such as their Harry Potter or (soon to be) Batman collections.

Living Dead sells stuff ranging from Pokemon, Zelda, Adventure Time, Disney, Mario, and some miscellaneous prints so there really is something for everyone! If you haven't heard of them definitely check out the site, I plan on buying a ton of stuff real soon after all these school expenses are out of the way haha :)



  1. Oooooh. Lots of exciting prints. I really love those dresses. Although I'm mostly a sucker for anything with cats on it.


  2. aaaa super cute print!