February 21, 2014

Huge Haul: Coastal Scents

Woohoo this is my first time actually buying from Coastal Scents and as you can tell I'm super excited! They were huge when I first started watching Youtube videos a few years back so I'm surprised it actually took me this long to check out their website but as soon as I did I fell in love, they have an awesome selection of stuff at such great prices, it makes it pretty difficult to actually not buy everything haha. I also had a 25% off coupon code (I believe from signing up and being a new customer) so I definitely took advantage of it.

Since I've never tried their products before I took a chance at buying so much my first time around but they've always seemed like a reputable brand to me so it seemed worth the risk.

I'll have a larger review of the eyeshadows up soon but in general I love everything I got! The chapsticks feel really creamy on the lips while the brushes are clearly great quality just by looking at them- as soon as I saw them I was so happy at myself for finding them this soon before purchasing a big brand like Sigma or Mac! They're really comparable to my Makeupgeek brushes I already own but at an even cheaper price tag which you can't go wrong with. They're all soft and well made while applying and blending products like a dream, I'm hoping to eventually gravitate my entire collection to these alone with how impressed I've been by them. 

My least favorite brush of the bunch would probably be the angled liner though, its a bit too large to get a really precise line with which for someone who shaves the ends of their eyebrows like me, its really hard to get a clean thin edge. Its definitely usable for now however and they sell a bunch of other sizes in the brush as well so next time I order I'll probably opt for the smaller sizes.

And of course my favorite part, the Hot Pot eyeshadow singles. Ahhh I don't wanna get into too much detail since I'll be putting a separate post up for them soon but I'll just say these things are so amazing! They're definitely comparable to my MAC and Inglot shadows I already own and they're less than 2 bucks a piece. 
Every single shade I've tried so far has been really soft with crazy good pigmentation, my favorite colors that I've used are Bombay as a highlight and lid color and Pomegranate Red for my crease :) 

Okay, that's all the tease on those for now but definitely check them out :) There's over 300 shades to choose from in the line so you definitely won't have slim pickings with these guys.

Once again I'm sorry for being MIA lately, darn school! 
; _ ;

Shown: (I will list each Hot Pot color along with a swatch in its own post- if you have a question about a color now just ask!)

Hot Pot Single Eyeshadows / Coastal Scents
Small Buffer Brush / Coastal Scents
Angled Liner Brush / Coastal Scents
Large Shadow Brush / Coastal Scents
Small Shadow Brush / Coastal Scents
Lip Affection in Orignal Obession, Passionate Peppermint, & Vanilla Vibe / Coastal Scents
28 Piece Eyeshadow Palette / Coastal Scents
African Black Soap Free Sample / Courtesy of Coastal Scents (I'm not sure if every package receives this or if you need to spend a certain amount)


  1. The eye shadows you picked look amazing! :-)

  2. Wooooow. The eye shadows are really pretty!!