November 9, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Jewels | Mosaic Prism

Maybelline Color Show Jewels in Mosaic Prism | $2.99 at Target

As much as I love painting my nails, the thought of paying nearly 10 dollars (or more) for a polish is kind of terrifying to me, as I usually don't wear the same color too often. Thats why I'm always on the hunt for any that I can find for under 5 bucks, while still being a good formula that'll last.

Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear line is usually my first stop for affordable polishes, but they don't have a very large range of glitter shades and I've been wanting to stock up on a few since the holidays are coming up, so I decided to look elsewhere. Thats when I was roaming through the makeup aisles at Target and saw the Maybelline Color Show line. I haven't owned any of the shades yet, but I've seen them quite a few times in my bloglovin' feed with people saying they were quite good so for only 2-3 dollars each, I decided to pick up a few.

This one I have here is from the Jewels line in Mosaic Prism. I've been absolutely dying to have a glitter shade like this for a while that has a range of different colors in it, and this shade has two different glitter sizes in it as well. It has little tiny flecks of glitter that add a background sparkle through out it, as well as bigger hexagon shaped ones that range from pink to blue to silver etc.

The first thing I noticed about the glitter shades from Color Show are they have an incredibly smooth formula. I've used other lines in the past with large glitter pieces that go on really chunky and thick, but applying this feels just like a regular polish and dries quite quick to a smooth finish, even without the help of a top coat. One disappointment I had though is that the glitter went on much more sparse then I had expected. In the jar (jar right?), it looks like it would go on fairly opaque and bold with one  swipe but there was actually only 3 or 4 pieces of glitter on each nail with the first coat so I had to really fish for pieces on the second coat to start building up the glitter.

Pictured here is about 3 coats of Mosaic Prism with Sally Hansens Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat used underneath and overtop. While I think this polish is wearable by itself, it would probably look much better over a colored polish such as a white or black one to cover up the nail underneath a bit more as its not as opaque as I thought.

Overall though, my first impression of this line is pretty amazing for being so inexpensive and they're some of my favorite glitter shades from any range to date. I'll check back in later with some of the regular nail colors to see if they live up to the same standards.

Next on my list for the upcoming season are Platinum Adorn and Precious Pearl, because they just scream Christmas decor to me ;) I bought another one of these too that I have yet to use so that'll be up soon!

Shown Above:

Maybelline | Color Show Jewels in Mosaic Prism
Sally Hansen | Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat

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