November 12, 2014

Dupe Day #4 | Target Yoga Leggings

Mossimo Supply Co. Yoga Leggings in XS | $14.99

Before you read the title and roll your eyes, I'll just say that I too thought the 'yoga pants' trend was super ridiculous and overrated, until I tried on these Mossimo Supply Co. ones from Target... Oh my gosh, the comfort is real.

Comparing these to the Victorias Secret line of yoga pants, these Target ones blow them out of the water. Not only did I pick up each of these on sale for $10 which is a complete steal, but they even feel better made than the VS ones too. I have a pair of the VS wide leg pants from a few years ago and I honestly never want to wear them. I find that they ride up in all the wrong places, drag on the floor at the bottoms, and the fabric isn't as soft or comfortable. However, these Mossimo ones have a slightly thicker fabric then regular leggings, and fit like a dream and are by far the softest pair of leggings I own yet.

What sets these apart from regular leggings though is the little signature yoga foldover part on the waist. I personally think it looks really slimming and adds a bit of fabric thickness to the waist and bum area so you feel a bit more covered up. I find with regular leggings I get worried if my pants are too see through since the fabric feels so thin around that area but this eliminates that discomfort for me.

The one thing I will say negative about the Target dupes is that the foldover design selection isn't the greatest and a bit tacky looking in general compared to the Victorias Secret line... however, they put out new designs every season or so and theres bound to be a few pairs everyone will like throughout the year. Or, you could just go with the plain black like I did if no others appeal to you :)

So as you can tell, I definitely prefer the Target yoga leggings over the VS line. With the Target line being $14.99 compared to $39.50 for the other, it seems worth trying out if you're already a fan of yoga pants or if you're looking for something new to try :)

Shown Above:
Target | Mossimo Suppy Co. Yoga Leggings in Pink Float
Target | Mossimo Suppy Co. Yoga Leggings in Jet Black

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