November 23, 2014

NARS | Virtual Domination Palette

NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette | $65.00 exclusively at Sephora

Omg you guys. It finally came... after a week and a half of waiting and a few shipping delays later, I finally get to hold my biggest beauty splurge to date in my hands... the NARS Virtual Domination face palette.

Of course, even though I'm not a Sephora VIB yet (gosh darn it being $50 dollars away from it) and couldn't take part in the massive 20% sale that happened at the beginning of the month, I unknowingly decided to order this palette in the mist of all the massive VIB orders as well as the site being down and chaos ensuing at Sephora headquarters. Which basically means that since I ordered at such a busy time, my shipment got delayed by a week and I had to bite my nails at the horror of waiting another day for this palette, but luckily Sephora made up for it by adding 100 points to my beauty bank for all the time lost so no hard feelings here.

As you all can probably guess by now, this is my first product from NARS and I'm honestly so glad I decided to drop my cheapo-status for a day and buy it because I don't think I could live with myself if I passed up on this since it is a limited edition product.

To start with, the money you save on this palette is insane. You get 4 almost full sized blushes plus a larger then full size Laguna bronzer in the palette, all claiming to retail for over a $150 value for only $65. For a face palette it still might seem expensive, but NARS is known for its outstanding quality and since this is a limited edition palette in such pretty, wintery packaging, I think the price is justified.

Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy, Final Cut, Laguna

Personally, I was drawn to this palette for the blush shades, which include Sex Fantasy, Deep Throat, Final Cut, and Miss Liberty, which is more of a highlighting shade. I really love how unique of a color Miss Liberty is as a highlight, and its really refreshing to see a new range of blushes in this palette apart from the usual Orgasm duo. Laguna is a bit of a predictable bronzer, but since I don't own it yet I'm really excited to have it in my stash now. Because of the variety of blush colors in this palette, I think it'll really suit most skin tones and tastes :)

This palette also feels incredibly well-made and sturdy, but because of that, its also quite heavy. I would say that because it is heavy for a palette, one drop would probably be enough to shatter it to pieces so I would definitely be extra careful with this and where you take it. I love how luxurious the weight makes it feel though, and the huge mirror is also a great added bonus. 

The application of these blushes are just as beautiful as they look too! I can definitely see the hype surronding NARS cheek products now. They go on super smooth and silky and look much more natural then many other blushes I've tried. Laguna is also a great bronzer, and because its quite shimmery, could probably pass as a really warm toned blush during the warmer months as well. Miss Liberty is a really interesting highlight color: its super unique from anything I've owned, and the shimmer in it actually seems almost like a chunky glitter texture. I think it looks really pretty though, and its definitely something new to try out.

Overall, I definitely think this palette is gorgeous and well worth the investment, as it will easily last me many months to come! If you're a fan of NARS or cheek products in general, I think you'll definitely get some good use out of this, and theres a blush color to suit many different makeup looks.

Shown Above:
NARS | Virtual Domination Cheek Palette 

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