November 18, 2014

The Body Shop | Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

The Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel | $10.00 for .5 oz.

Now that the holidays are coming up, I've vowed to stop spending so much money on myself (aka buying makeup) until January when everything is over, which means I get to finally go back and start reviewing a bunch of products I've previously showed in hauls. Yay! I usually put off doing reviews because I find that once I really love a product, I'll end up running out of it and have to wait to talk about it until I buy it again or start to slowly find too many flaws with it, but everything I'll be reviewing will be products I've been using for a while and definitely have a good stance on how I feel about them now. For today's post, I have The Body Shops Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel, which is the current eye cream in my skincare routine.

Eye creams probably aren't my strong suit when it comes to skincare. I haven't tried too many yet since I just got into using them this year, and I'm probably a bit to young to really get all the benefits out of them that I could. But I still have a (very tiny) list of favorites I've tried so far, and unfortunately, this Elderflower eye gel is not one of them :(

The Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel claims to soothe, cool, and refresh eyes, and can be placed in the fridge while not in use to make the cooling effect it gives off even more intense. Its fragrance free as well which I think is a plus for a product you're placing so close to the eye area, and its infused with elderflower and witch hazel extracts.

My biggest problem with this eye cream is I find it doesn't do anything at all for my eyes. I mainly use an eye cream to add tons of hydration to my quite dry eye area and brighten up my dark circles, which this doesn't do. I also don't get a soothing or cooling effect from this eye cream like described, though I also don't store it in the fridge as its a bit of an inconvenience since my bedroom and bathroom are in the basement. I find that after applying it, it soaks right into the skin after a few seconds and from there its like I didn't apply anything at all... no noticeable added moisture, no cooling, no soothing, not really anything. However, I will say that it is super gentle on the eyes, as I've accidentally wiped some right through my lashes and eyeball and it didn't burn or sting in the slightest.

I apply this in the morning when I wake up as well as at night before I go to bed after washing my face and before using toner and moisturizer. I find that even after using this I'll still take a bit of moisturizer over my eyelids because they still feel a bit dry. I think that while this might not be a horrible product for everyone, it just doesn't target the problems that I have with my eyes, and I don't really prefer the gel consistency over a cream product either.

Overall, this is just a very mediocre product to me. While I can't pinpoint anything super horrible about it, I also can't pick out anything good either. It doesn't do anything noticeable at all for my dry eye area and doesn't brighten my dark circles either. It is however very gentle on the skin, and since its unperfumed and clear in color, I think would be suited best for someone with extremely sensitive skin that can't use many other products. I would even probably use this in the summer time when sunburn is an issue, but other than that, I haven't seen enough benefits from this product to repurchase it again unfortunately, even with its affordable price tag.

Have you tried this product, and if so, what are your thoughts? What are some eye creams from The Body Shop that you do like? I'm still on the hunt for an affordable one I can add to my permanent routine!

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The Body Shop | Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

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