December 27, 2014

Ipsy 'Thinking of You' | December 2014 Glam Bag

Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty box

My second glam bag from Ipsy has officially came and I have to say, the excitement over it still hasn't died down for me. Its really fun having that one thing you can look forward to every month and though they tell you the items that'll be in your bag before it arrives, I always ignore the email to keep it a surprise as it makes getting the bag that much more exciting.

This months theme was 'Thinking of You', which isn't as festive at all as I had expected it to be for a Decemeber bag, but it was still a cute little style regardless. My first impression was that I really like the actual bag this month. Its quite simple and small like a pencil case, which for me is perfect as I can store my makeup essentials in it for the day and throw it in my purse as it doesn't take up a ton of room but still fits everything I need.

As for the products, this was another month that I was quite impressed with everything I got. Specifically I was most excited to see it had a Crown brush included as well as one of the NYX butter lip balms. I have never owned any brushes from Crown but have heard a ton of great things about them, so I was super excited to see this was a blending/pencil brush duo because I've actually been meaning to pick up a pencil brush for months now, I just couldn't decide on a brand. This brush is absolutely perfect though and alone is worth the $10 I spent on the entire bag. It feels really high quality and the hairs are super soft and don't shed. The lip balm is also a big hit for me; the color is exactly what I would've picked out myself and is actually much more hydrating than I had anticipated.

The so-so products for me this month are probably the Cailyn Eye Polish in Orchid and Cool Way Boost Repair Treatment. The eye polish for me isn't a very unique color and the application of it is whatever, but I have tried it out and it is pigmented so while I won't use it everyday, I'm sure I'll still find looks that it'll come in handy for. The Cool Way treatment is also one of those products that doesn't particularly stand out to me as I've never seen the brand before, but my hair is incredibly dry and damaged from how much I dye it so I'll at least try this out and see if it gives me any noticeable results.

The Tarte mascara is one I've had a sample of before from Sephora so I can't say it was too exciting to see, but it's one of my favorite mascaras I've ever tried so its still a product I'll get lots of well loved use out of.

Overall, my Ipsy bag this month was well worth 10 bucks and I'll forever be excited to see what else is to come from them, since both of my bags have been huge hits for me thus far :) If you aren't already subscribed, definitely check out their website and some of their previous bags to help you decide if you should join all the Ipsy rage or not!

Shown Above:

Ipsy | December 2014 Glam Bag
Tarte | Lights Camera Lashes Mascara Mini
Cailyn | Just Mineral Eye Polish in 005 Orchid
Cool Way | Boost Repair Treatment
NYX | Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow
Crown | Shadow/Crease Brush Duo

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