December 23, 2014

Empties #2

Either I really need to start making posts about my trash more often on here or not show you guys so many of my empty products because I swear half of these bottles have been sitting on my dresser for months now haha.

At last though, I am throwing up another Empties post since I'm tired of looking at this junk in my bedroom and I've obtained quite the collection of empty products lately, ranging all the way from candles to skincare.

Candles |

My empty candles are both from Bath & Body Works, which are in the scents Paris Daydream and Lemon Mint Leaf. I finished Paris Daydream quite a while back so its unfortunately not available anymore, but its still hanging out around Amazon if you wanna pick one up! Lemon Mint Leaf has grown to be one of my favorites now, as the scent is quite strong when lit and smells very fresh and easily masks other unwanted odors wherever you light it.

Skincare |

These past few months have been all about experimenting with skincare for me, and some of the stuff I've used up includes Josie Marans Light Argan Oil, Burts Bees Makeup/Face Wipes, and a mini sample of Benefits Total Moisture face cream. I'm currently trying out the original version of the Josie Maran Argan Oil but I have to say I think I like this light version a bit better. It goes on a little thinner and is easier to move around the face so I feel like I use less product but get the same results. I also really liked the Burts Bees Makeup Wipes when I bought them, but by the end of the package they started making my skin get irritated and red so I definitely won't be repurchasing again. The Benefit Total Moisture cream was a big hit for me and was super moisturizing, so I could definitely see myself picking up the full size of this in the near future to mix into my regime.

Beauty & Fragrance |

I've been meaning to try and hit pan on a ton of my old products since I've been on quite the makeup buying spree lately, but unfortunately the only two beauty related items I finished up recently was the Essence All About Matt! pressed powder and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara mini. I'm a huge fan of this Too Faced mascara and its one of my favorites I've tried yet, so I'll definitely be picking up a full sized tube next time I run out of the ones I'm currently using up. I also didn't think this Essence powder was too bad since I really like white translucent powders as they disappear into my pale skintone rather than cake up and go darker on me. There was nothing extraordinary about this one particularly but it was super affordable so I would definitely consider buying it again. As for the fragrance, I've honestly never came across a Victorias Secret scent I don't like yet and this one in Bombshell was nice to carry around in my purse as its super tiny and convenient for on the go. I get these little samples in gift sets every Christmas from my mom so I would check around for them!

Haircare |

Last but not least, my arch enemy hair, and all the care you could ever need for it. Which in my case is hairspray and dry shampoo, as you can see here. I have to admit, when I first got this dry shampoo scent in Wild from Batiste I didn't think it was my taste at all, but after the first few uses I was hooked and now I'm super sad I'm out of it and only have Cherry left (sorry Cherry). This smells like a girl who's been out tanning and clubbing all day but in the best way possible and I really need to pick up a new one asap. I also went through a can of Herbal Essences Volumizing hairspray which was nothing out of the ordinary. It smells like your average hairspray and has pretty good hold but there's nothing special about it. Unlike the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco hairspray I also used up, which I'm totally in love with after receiving it in my November Ipsy bag. I'm a bit disappointed with how fast it ran out but this is that one hairspray you go through numerous brands to find and I'm so glad I finally have. I just really hope its not as much of a pain to find as I'm expecting :{

I have to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of reading Empties posts as I find it isn't always the most informative, but I think these are a great way of showing you guys my thoughts on products I don't otherwise feature on my blog so let me know your thoughts on these posts, and if you'd like to see them more often, less often, or every few months like I've been doing.

Also, let me know if you like the sections broken up by each individual product shown or how I've done here where I talk about them all in one full paragraph; I feel like this way makes it a bit more casual to read :)

Shown Above:

Bath & Body Works | Paris Daydream 3-Wick Candle
Bath & Body Works | Lemon Mint Leaf 3-Wick Candle
Josie Maran | 100% Light Pure Argan Oil
Burts Bees | Facial Cleansing Wipes in White Tea
Benefit | Total Moisture Face Cream Mini
Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara Mini
Essence | All About Matt! Pressed Powder
Victorias Secret | Bombshell Perfume Mini
Herbal Essences | Volumizing Hairspray
Batiste | Dry Shampoo in Wild
Marc Anthony | Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray Mini

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