December 21, 2014

Gift Ideas For The Beauty Junkie #2 | All In One Place

Including Tarte, Benefit, Too Faced, MAC, etc

So its just a few days before Christmas and the last day of the weekend to start getting in your final purchases, so I thought I would try to get up this post for you guys really quick that still need a couple ideas to fill up your friends and familys stockings! These are also some great ideas for those of you getting money for the holidays as well and need a few extra things to add to your wishlist.

I'm personally huge on getting things done quick and easy on many days, including those that involve work, so I decided to make this list of the gift sets this year that are going to include everything (or nearly everything) you need from start to finish for beautiful makeup. In other words, you have everything you need for your daily makeup all in one place and really don't need to use much else. These sets are going to be perfect for those relatives and friends that either travel a lot, don't wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis, or like their morning routines to be fast and out the door. Lets be serious though... anyones going to love these products regardless.

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run
Probably the most raved about from the bunch I have included, and with good reason. This Naked On The Run set stems from Urban Decays infamous Naked line, and has literally everything you would need for a daily makeup routine. All the colors are super user friendly and its the perfect gift that you know your friend has probably been drooling over just as much as you have.

Tarte | Bon Voyage Collectors Set & Travel Bag
This seems to be one of the few Tarte sets this year that didn't sell out right away (I'm looking at you blush set), but still has a bunch of amazing products included making it worth the buy. The eye shadow palette is huge with a pretty neutral range of colors, and products like the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and Maracuja Oil are an automatic hit for any beauty and skincare junkie.

Benefit | How To Look The Best At Everything
This kit has everything you need for a flawless complexion, with everything from primer to powder included. All the products in it are some of Benefits most well known, so if you have a person in your life who loves their face makeup, this will be a great option. 

Too Faced | Cause A Scandal
This set comes with some cult favorites from Too Faced, including their Better Than Sex mascara and Shadow Insurance eye primer. The palette has an incredibly pretty range of shades, and is perfect for women who love the focus to be on their eyes.

Tarte | Making Waves Summer Essentials
Even though this set is supposed to be their summer essentials, I think the colors and products still work great all year round, and it includes one of their prettiest blush and bronzer shades to date. This set has a mix of everything, and would be perfect for more natural makeup days, or a night out if paired with some bigger bold colors already stashed in your collection.

Benefit | Lip & Cheek Kits (Sugarlicious pictured)
Benefit has pretty much released one of these sets for nearly all their cheek and lip products by now, and with good reason. You get a bunch of their products to try out in one convenient little set, with a super affordable price tag to match. They always pair complimentary products in sets together, so there's a color scheme to match anyones needs on your list (and, you could even buy each of the sets for different people.)

Too Faced | Pardon My French
This is personally a set I'm dying to have, because the palette alone includes some of the prettiest colors ever. Though this leans more towards the warmer months, the shades are all tones you can mix up into any look, and work with all year long. Not only is the packaging is adorable, but the colors are perfect and you get a bunch of eye products to go with it... theres really nothing not to love about this kit.

Sephora Favorites | Summerstash
Okay, don't let the name summerstash fool you, because the products in this set are kind of goooorgeous. You get a product from basically every big brand and some of their most well known,  for a super cheap price tag that is even cheaper now on a sale/clearance price. I'm totally surprised some of these are still floating around with how pretty the colors and products included are so if you plan on making any quick last minute online buys, I would definitely get this whether its for someone on your list or for your own collection (its okay I won't tell).

MAC | Keepsakes Smoky Face Palette
Though I could probably never pull off the colors included in this palette, I know alot of you retro ladies can, so if you know some women on your list who love their classic red lips and dark smokey eyes, they will fall in love with this product. MAC is easily one of the most recognized bigger makeup brands, so the packaging and limited edition title alone might be worth the purchase for someone you're buying for.

I had really hoped to do many more of these posts, but time got away from me unfortunately so I'm glad I at least got to cover the basics this year! Hopefully next year I can have better time management haha, the month of November just seemed to vanish into thin air for me!

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