December 19, 2014

Life Snippets | IX Center Dog Show

I very, very, veeery rarely post anything about my life outside of beauty on here, but thats only because I really don't have much of a life at all outside of work and my relationship haha. 

For my sisters 18th birthday though, we ended up spending the entire morning at the IX Center where they were hosting a dog show all weekend so I thought it would be a nice change to share all the pictures I took there :)

I didn't plan on actually making a post about this though so unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures at all of the agility trials or dog breeds, just a whole lot of wiener dogs and a few random ones I don't recognize that my boyfriend thought were cute haha. One of my biggest obsessions in life is my dachshund Gizmo so hopefully all will be forgiven once you see how incredibly cute they were at the show.

Because they're show dogs and were all just groomed I didn't get the chance to snuggle them like crazy unfortunately, but it was fun seeing them doing their thing at the showings and most of the owners seemed to wanna keep all the snuggles and kisses to themselves anyways. I was surprised how unserious they took it all which made it much more fun to see.

I also got a few snippets of what I could of my moms friend running a few of her beagles that we get to babysit all the time. I don't think I've ever seen so many people trying to outrun their own dogs before.

I hope you enjoyed this change of content for once, and maybe I'll try to share my life a bit more often on here as a way to keep a little virtual diary for myself too :}

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