January 2, 2015

theBalm | Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette

theBalm Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette | $15.00

It didn't take long for me to start spending some of my Christmas money, because lets be honest, when a girl goes a month without buying anything for herself there's bound to be a list of things she needs.

While shopping at my nearby Kohl's, I realized that they actually carry a few high-end brands there when I saw a few Lorac and theBalm products on a display. I had never tried either brand before but they've been absolutely raved about in the blogger world, so I figured I would pick up a product from each. In this post, I'll show the product I picked up by theBalm, which is their Autobalm face palette in Hawaii.

Initially, I was scared off by this palette, because for $15, its super tiny in size. In fact, as the packaging would infer, its about the size of a credit card. You do get one blush and 3 powder eyeshadows though, so there is a bit of variety there for your buck. Not only that, but Kohl's always has a ton of promotions going on including coupons for money off your purchase as well, so with all of that in mind I didn't actually end up paying quite that much for it.

The palette itself is absolutely gorgeous. Not only is the packaging one of the prettiest I've seen on a makeup product, but the colors themselves are beautiful and work really well together. They all have that rosey, purple tint to them or are great compliments to it, so it makes completing your look with little effort required. This is one of those do it all palettes, and can easily clear up 3 or 4 other products in your routine making this great for quick on the go makeup days. 

The pigmentation is what reaaally sealed the deal for me with Hawaii. I honestly had the misconception that most palettes lack in pigmentation versus when the products are sold singley by themselves, but every single shade in this palette is super soft and pigmented. The blush glides on with an intense, buildable coverage and the eyeshadows feel like butter across the lid. 

My one and only disappointment with this product is that the really pretty plum colored crease/liner shade turns up less purple and more black when applied, but its still really easy to work with and I've gotten a ton of use out of it regardless.

Though this palette doesn't seem available on the Kohls website at the moment, I saw at least ten of them at my local store so I would definitely stop buy to see if yours still has them in stock too! It also comes in one called California, which is a more peach friendly option for those of you that prefer your warmer toned shades :) I love this palette to pieces now, and its made its way onto my tray of display beauty products for being so darn pretty!

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