January 5, 2015

School Dance Makeup | Feat. Aviva Dress

This post is sponsored by Aviva Dress*

So I was recently contacted by a company called Aviva Dress who were interested in partnering with me to talk about some of their dresses, which was super exciting because its my first collaboration with a company on my blog! I gave it a few weeks to think about to make sure the content was suited for you guys, and after giving their website and products some careful consideration, I'm more than happy to be doing this post with them. 

Aviva Dress carries a range of formal attire, carrying everything from wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses to prom and evening dresses. Though my blog isn't so much focused on fashion anymore, I thought it would be a sweet idea to do a makeup look inspired by some of their dresses that you could pair with whatever occasion you may be attending!

All of the dresses I've seen come in 10+ colors!

I honestly think the dresses they offer on their site are gorgeous, so it was pretty hard to narrow it down to just a few I liked. I've been really into soft, pastel colors lately especially in a formal setting such as a wedding or school dance though, so I brought this inspiration to my makeup as well as the dresses I chose to pair it with from Aviva Dress.

Though I'm not in school anymore, my sister is, and I know anytime one of her school dances rolls around, shes rushing to the only store in our area a week before the dance settling with whatever she can find in her size, so as a huge online shopper myself, I think sites like Aviva Dress are absolutely perfect for planning for the occasion ahead of time and picking up a dress you truly love. Plus, if your school is like hers where they have a new dance every two months, you may be having to do this quite often.

Now for the makeup I chose. I was thinking 'high school student' when I did this look (which was me less than 2 years ago), so I tried to go with a few affordable products and safe colors that would be parent and school friendly alike. While most people think glitter and bold for dances, I thought it might be too much for younger people, so I decided to just pop a little bit of NYX's liquid crystal liner in Crystal Hip to the inner corner instead of packing the lid with glitter, and went quite natural with the brows using Anastasias Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown with a super thin angled liner brush.

The eyeshadow is quite simple but very prom like, with silver on the lid from a Fash palette I bought on Amazon, and Anger from the Pulp Fiction Urban Decay palette in the outer corner and lower lashline with just a pop of purple in the crease and under the eye to spice it up a bit using Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Edgy Eggplant. I also went quite subtle with the liner so it doesn't take away from the eyeshadow or lashes, using Eyeko's Eye Do liquid liner. I've never been a falsie person so here I've just applied some of Loreals Miss Manga mascara, but falsies are totally acceptable if you wish to go that route instead!

I think the face is the most important part of formal makeup, so I wanted to make sure it was as flawless as possible. I just did my normal face routine using MAC's Pro Longwear foundation with a bit of extra concealer here and there using Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics. I applied highlighter more heavily to all the high points of my face that'll look wicked under the low lighting of a dance, using Miss Liberty from NARS in their Virtual Domination palette and used the same palette for my blush in Sex Fantasy. NYX's Matte Bronzer was used as a slight contour color, and nicely warms up the face from all the other cool toned shades in this look. Make sure you are priming not only your eyes but your skin too before applying products, so your makeup will stay put through all the dancing and fun you'll be having :) I used Avons Magix Face Perfector as my skin primer, and Smashbox's 24 Hour Shadow Primer under my eyeshadows.

As I would assume, you wouldn't have much time to worry about your lips during a school dance, so I went with MAC's Fleshpot topped with Loracs lip lustre creme in Tiara, to give a pretty, effortless nude color that will fade gracefully throughout the night, without leaving your lips dry or uncomfortable.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this post, as it was really fun for me to make and a bit different from the norm! I've been trying to brainstorm about more content for my blog that's not the same old stuff I usually write about, so hopefully you guys look forward to seeing more things like this in the future :) Thanks to Aviva Dress for partnering with me on this post too, and don't forget to check out their website for all of the formal dresses your heart could ever desire!

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