January 8, 2015

Lorac | The Royal Lip Creme Set

Lorac The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set | $25 for 6 lip cremes

I've never owned anything from Lorac before, but after recently going in my nearby Kohls and seeing somewhere so close carried the brand, I decided to pick this lip set up as mentioned in my previous the Balm post! It was an incredible deal and I had a few discounts to spend, so while I'm not a big lip gloss person, I thought I would give it a shot.

This holiday set from Lorac is called The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set, and includes 6 full size (yes!) lip cremes for $25 total. The shades include Empress, Princess, Enchanted, Reign, Crown Jewel and Tiara, with Empress, Princess and Enchanted being exclusive shades to this particular set. Despite them claiming that those 3 are the only exclusive shades, I haven't been able to find the other 3 sold on their own yet. Regardless, other Lorac glosses retail for $15 each, so at less than 5 bucks each for these, I'd say the deal alone is worth picking this set up.

My first impression of these cremes is that the packaging is beautiful, and they smell absolutely incredible. It reminds me exactly of cotton candy, and they all have the same delicious scent.

The formula itself of each shade has its pros and cons, but they all perform about the same. I find that the biggest perks of these is that they don't feel like a usual gloss, with that nasty sticky texture that we all hate. These are very comfortable and smooth on the lips, and have more of a plush feel to them that feels hydrating and easy to wear. They are also a bit more pigmented than your ordinary gloss, which is where you start running into some problems. Because of the fact that they're quite pigmented, they can be a bit of a challenge to apply, and can easily end up looking uneven and patchy when you wear them on their own.

Personally, I would recommend pairing these instead over a lip liner or lip stick, as they have the power to enhance or transform whatever shade is underneath, while looking much more seamless and clean.

Swatches on bare lips

Even though these are referred to as a creme *the bottom says gloss however*, they look extremely glossy on the lips even when dry, whether applied alone or over another product. With that being said, on my super thin lips the finish seems to make them look even thinner, which is why I won't get much use out of these on their own. With lipsticks though, I like to apply these just to the center of the lip to give the exact opposite effect (aka make my lips look much fuller), which they work beautifully in doing.

If you're someone with already full lips or a gloss junkie in general, then I think you'll really enjoy this set. But if you're a gal like me who doesn't wear gloss very often or weren't blessed with a full pout, these may not be the best lip product for you when worn on their own. They make a great addition to any lipstick or liner though, and I'm totally stoked about the color selection they've included in this set. Overall, I think that despite not being the best lip product for my needs, this set is still a great deal if its still in stock at your local Kohls, and is worth picking up to add to your makeup stash.

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