January 11, 2015

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes | Lavender Soap & Bordeaux

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes in Lavender Soap & Bordeaux | $6.49

Revlon is always that go-to drugstore brand for me, because I find that while their prices have become slightly pricier, they almost always have impressed me with a good product and great color selection within all their ranges, including everything from their foundation shades to lipstick colors. Many drugstore brands are also putting out a large nail polish range as well, and with these perfume scented polishes, Revlon seems to be doing it in the most interesting way.

At first, I thought these Parfumeire Nail Polishes would be more fun but less practical for every day use, but they're actually great polishes as a whole and I've slowly started to become obsessed with them. I own a few of the colors the range offers now (which might I add is a beautiful selection), so today I'm featuring Lavender Soap and Bordeaux.

Lavender Soap is a beautiful grey toned, almost white lilac tinted shade, and smells, as you can guess, like lavender soap. Its actually quite strongly scented but I enjoy it much more than I had thought I would, because it smells very fresh and clean. The scent is strongest on day one, and lasts until about day 3 before fading away. I find that this color is much more sheer than some of the others, so I have to apply at least 3 coats of it before it starts getting opaque on the nails. It seems like theres also a sliiiight bit of iridescence to the color, and overall leaves a very pretty finish to your manicure.

Bordeaux is quite an interesting shade, as in some lighting it looks like a deep burgundy, while in others it almost looks bright red. I absolutely love this shade though, and it goes on completely opaque in just one coat. The biggest let down with this shade is that I don't notice a scent to it at all besides that ordinary, yucky polish scent. I assume its supposed to smell like wine but I had my boyfriend smell it too and he didn't pick up a scent either. Regardless, this shade is beautiful and is the perfect burgundy red for this time of year.

Both polishes have been good with longevity when used with a base and top coat, with them both chip free even days after I've done my nails. Without a base and top coat however, some of the colors have chipped on me by day 3. I personally use the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat in conjunction with my polishes to prolong their life, both under the polish before applying as well as a top coat which helps tremendously with wear time, extending the life up to at least 5-7 days before chipping.

My favorite thing about this range is probably how smooth they are to apply. I have a huge problem with my polish looking streaky and uneven but all the colors I've tried so far glide on super clean and streak free. I find that even the colors that need to be built up like Lavender Soap have no issues on the 2nd and 3rd coats and I'm always happy with the way my nails look after applying this range.

Overall, I've become a total sucker for these Perfumed Revlon polishes and I think the color range and unique scents make them a great buy for anyone into beauty and nails. The fun scents don't compromise the quality of the formula either, so this can be a fun polish to apply and an even more beautiful one to wear.

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