January 15, 2015

NYX Single Eyeshadows (Discontinued) | Collection & Review

NYX Single Eyeshadows in Square Pan | $4.50 each (Discontinued)

As you guys probably can tell by now, I have an unhealthy amount of NYX products in my makeup stash. In fact, they're probably my current favorite drugstore brand because they have an incredible range of products for pretty affordable prices.

One of their products I've managed to hoard a bit of is their previous eyeshadow singles in the square pans, which retailed for $4.50 each. The range of colors NYX offered in these singles was superb, with a great selection of both neutrals and brights to choose from.

I bought most of these singles back in high school a few years ago, when they were a great deal for the money. Now a days though, many other brands have debuted their own line of shadow singles for a similar price point, making these quite run of the mill in cost now.

Extreme Apricot, Hot Orange, Yellow Funk
Lagoon Sparkle, Cool Blue, Kiwi
Taupe, White

The eyeshadows themselves differ quite a bit from each other in both formula and texture, which was a major flaw in the range. Some eyeshadows, especially the warmer shades such as Extreme Apricot, are quite soft and smooth, making them very simple to blend out and build up. Colors like Cool Blue however, are much more chalky and seem to just flake away after being applied. The glittery shades like Hot Orange and Lagoon Sparkle have large chunks of glitter rather than fine flecks of sparkle as well, so they tend to be a bit rougher and powdery in texture too. I do like that with these, the glitter actually stays visible on the eye when applied though rather than disappearing after blending, but be wary that it can get quite messy with glitter fallout because of this.

All swatched without a base

My favorites from the bunch are probably Extreme Apricot and Yellow Funk because they both have nice color payoff and really pop on the eye. The ones I'm less impressed with are many of the cooler shades, including Cool Blue and Lagoon Sparkle. I feel like even when I try to build up the color, these shades seem to blend themselves away looking messy and sheer. While none of the eyeshadows I own are horrible, they all leave a lot to be desired.

Overall, I think that for the price, these eyeshadows are quite average in pigmentation and texture, making them a range I would purchase for a super unique color, but not over other brands priced nearly the same such as Makeup Geek or (much cheaper) Coastal Scents. The range had beautiful colors, but unfortunately it seems NYX has moved on from them and left us with the Hot Singles, which seems to be a much more basic selection.

Yellow Funk inner corner, Hot Orange lower lashline, Extreme Apricot outer corner, White browbone

Even though these are discontinued by NYX now, you can still find them on quite a few websites which is why I decided to still put up this post! I think some of the shades are still worth picking up from this line, and there are still many reliable places that still carry a bit of the colors. NYX now carries the Hot Singles on their site instead which is the reformulated version of these, but I haven't tried any yet so if you have let me know your thoughts on them :)

Shown Above:

Shades Mentioned:
Extreme Apricot
Hot Orange
Yellow Funk
Lagoon Sparkle
Cool Blue

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