January 18, 2015

Mini Haul | Z-Palette & First Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Singles | $5.99 each

The Makeup Geek eyeshadow craze has basically taken over all of Youtube as many of you have probably noticed, so I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon here. I finally got around to placing another Makeup Geek order myself though after purchasing some of their brushes a few months ago, and ended up picking up two of Marlenes eyeshadow singles as well as a Z Palette from the site. I have never owned a Z Palette either so this shipment had me pretty excited for its arrival!

I chose the Leopard Print style for my Z Palette because I thought it would be perfect for neutral shades, and went with the eyeshadows Peach Smoothie and Last Dance.

Peach Smoothie is a pretty light, peachy nude shade that everyone raaaves about as the ultimate transition shade. If you're subscribed to Batalash on Youtube, you'd know that Sam basically uses this color in all of her looks so I just had to pick it up.

Last Dance is a beautiful dark purpley shade that I actually haven't heard a ton about, and is a really pretty shadow nonetheless. I think its perfect for the winter season and I've wanted to own a color like this for a while. 

I love how well these two colors work together too, just wearing these alone with Peach Smoothie in the crease and Last Dance on the lid looks like absolute perfection. It gives a soft, pretty smokey eye effect without being too over the top or dramatic for every day wear.

Swatched without a base underneath

The formulas themselves are basically everything people have said about these: super soft, super blendable, and even more so pigmented. They're incredible quality for an amazing price and I definitely can see why they've taken over the eyeshadow world recently. They definitely give more expensive brands a run for their money and I can only see them getting even more popular into 2015.

For the palette itself, I honestly have to say I'm super impressed with the Z Palette. I own many other empty palettes including ones from MAC and Coastal Scents but none have quite the selection that the Z Palette does. These suckers are quite hefty but feel extremely well made and come in all different sizes and prints, allowing you to have different palettes for different occasions. I thought the print on the outside would either look blurry or cheap but its neither of those at all and I'm incredibly impressed by how durable this feels. Now that I own this one I kind of want to buy all the colors haha... at least that means I get to buy many more eyeshadows in the mean time ;)

I love that not only do the Makeup Geek shadows also stick in these by themselves, but 20 other magnetic strips (both round and square) are included too, so you can stick them on other eyeshadows such as ones from MAC or depotted products to unclutter some space in your collection.

Overall, I'm way happy with the products I ordered from Makeup Geeks website, and I'm definitely stoked to try out many more shadows from her range as well as many more Z Palettes!

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