January 21, 2015

Ipsy 'Fresh Start' | January 2015 Glam Bag

Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty box

A new year, the middle of a new month, and a new Ipsy bag. Ahhh do I love new stuff! And with new stuff comes a Fresh Start, which is what this months theme for the Ipsy Glam Bag is. This month was a mix of both skincare and makeup products for my bag, which are probably my favorite products to get. They're all also pretty generous sizes this month too, which is always an extra added bonus.

This Januarys bag is a blue, white and orange pouch, which I hated when I first saw it on the website as I thought it looked pretty boring but after seeing each side is a different color it actually looks pretty cool. It has that summery, sailor vibe to it which unfortunately is far too long away for those of us in the northern states, but its a nice reminder that winter is slowly creeping its way along haha.

For the beauty products this month, I received a Pacifica eyeshadow in the color Treasure which is a pretty taupey gold color, a Hikari twist up eye pencil in the color Storm which is a slate greyish, blue shade, and a sheer shimmer lotion from Manna Kadar Cosmetics.

I think this eyeshadow color is super pretty and a shade I'll get a ton of use out of, and I'm pretty excited to finally try a product from Pacifica. We carry some of their range at Target and I've always been curious about their makeup products since they're all natural and vegan. This color in particular is super soft and creamy and so far I'm impressed by them!

The Hikari eye pencil and Manna Kadar shimmer lotion are both kinda iffy for me. The Hikari pencil is an absolutely beautiful shade, but unfortunately its almost transparent when applied to the waterline which is a bit of a bummer since I don't wear pencils on my lid very often as I much prefer a liquid or gel liner. It could still come in handy as an eyeshadow base though, so I'll still find a way to use it up. The shimmer lotion on the other hand is just a product I don't really care for; I've used them in the past and like them as a cream highlighter, but this is a bit too dark and pink for my skin tone so I might use it during the summer on places like my shoulders and collar bones as a body highlight.

As for skincare, I received the Eco-Beauty Good Day moisturizer from La Fresh and Mojito Lip Balm from Malin and Goetz. This moisturizer to me is an exact dupe for the Fresh Lotus Radiance lotion, which for my skin is not very good. They both have the exact same strong cucumber scent to them, and seem to be the culprit of my breakouts when I use them in rotation with my other moisturizers. I think if you're really into natural products and smells, you'll like this lotion, but I think I'll be passing it on to someone else with less acne prone skin then mine. On the other hand, I really like this lip balm! I don't really notice a scent with it but it feels very cushiony on the lips and comfortable to wear. The hydration seems to be pretty average with it, but I apply my lip balms so often that things like that don't really bother me anyways.

Overall, I'd say that though this bag was quite hit and miss for me, I really like some of the products this month, most notably the Pacifica eyeshadow and Mojito Lip Balm! I really love the shade of the Hikari eye pencil too so I'm gonna try to think of other ways to get use out of it other than just applying it on the waterline.

Let me know what you think of the products featured this month, and some of your other favorite beauty subscriptions you would recommend!

Shown Above:
Ipsy | January 2015 Glam Bag
Hikari | Mechanical Eye Liner in Storm
La Fresh | Eco Beauty Good Day Moisturizer
Malin & Goetz | Mojito Lip Balm
Manna Kadar | Shimmer Lotion
Pacifica | Eyeshadow in Treasure

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