April 17, 2015

Colourpop | Super Shock Cheek in Fruit Stand

Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks | $8 for .15 oz.

When I heard Colourpop was coming out with blushes, I just about died. First they graced us with their super soft, creamy eyeshadows, then the smooth, opaque lippie stix, and now bold, bright cheek colors!

Because I've never tried out a cream based blush, I decided to only pick up one color this order, in the shade Fruit Stand. Now as you can tell, this shade is BRIGHT. Like neon watermelon bright. It applies much more subdued though, so don't be afraid of the color even if you're much more reserved with your blush application then I am (I personally like clown red cheeks).

Even though I love my pinks, I would say corals are probably my absolute favorite cheek color to wear, and this definitely fits that category. In fact, I used to use the NYX Extreme Apricot eyeshadow religiously in high school as a blush, and this seems to be similar but with a nicer and longer lasting application. 

Because this is much closer to a cream than a powder, I like to apply it under my setting powder to avoid patchiness. Applying a setting powder over top also helps even out and tone down the color, in case you do go a little heavy handed with it the first few uses. I've found that all I need to do is tap my blush brush very gently into the pan 3 or 4 times for each cheek and that's plenty for a nice healthy glow of color. From there, I'll add more if I need to if I want to go a little more extreme that day.

So I'm totally stoked about Colourpop releasing the Super Shock Cheek colors, and I'm excited to expand my collection of them from here. Not only is the color range already massive, but the price is incredible for how much product you get vs. how much you actually need. I think for $8 each, they're well worth giving a try, since they offer many colors you can't otherwise find from other brands!

Sorry about all the Colourpop posts that are going to be going up soon, but I've been so obsessed with their products! Have you tried out the Super Shock Cheek range yet?

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