April 12, 2015

Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | $23.00

I know everyone in the world has already done a review on this mascara, but I'm sticking to reviewing everything in the Better Than Chocolate Set I bought from HSN a few months back, so heres the second installment with the Better Than Sex full size mascara!

This mascara sells for $23 which is pretty standard for a brand like Too Faced, and comes in this metal, light pink packaging. Even though the packaging is quite hefty, I think it fits well with the rest of Too Faced's range, and it looks pretty in my makeup storage.

It has a nice big, hourglass shaped wand head that really helps build up volume and fullness in the lashes, without looking clumpy or thick even with multiple applications. Even though it claims to curl lashes however, I haven't really noticed any real curling effect with this mascara, but it does seem like it holds a curl longer when I use my lash curler than some other ones tend to.

I'm not very picky with mascara wands so I don't have a preference for thick or thin brushes, but this is definitely one of the thickest ones I own, so if you have smaller eyes or prefer smaller applicators this might not be for you. I personally have quite larger eyes though, so I find this particular brush really works for me! It separates, volumizes, and lengthens my lashes without making a mess and getting gloopy since the formula seems to be quite thick rather than watery. I also find that I don't seem to get as much fallout through out the day with this mascaras formula, which is nice for work when I don't have time to constantly look in the mirror and wipe away mascara 'crumbs'.

I will say that this isn't the best mascara for the lower lashes however, since the wand head is so large. I usually will go in with a separate mascara for the bottom lashes on days I use this, because I find that its a bit too much for my sparse lower lashes and transfers quite a bit onto the skin underneath. (I usually prefer travel sized mascaras for the lower lashline regardless.)

 Before Mascara & Curling

After Mascara & Curling 
(Doesn't do it justice- my eyelashes have been so stubby lately!)


Better Than Sex is one of the most used mascaras in my collection, and I'll definitely be repurchasing it again once this one dries out. Its one of the few mascaras that does almost everything it claims, including volumizing and lengthening the lashes without being clumpy or messy. I find that its a great option for everyday if you want pretty bold lashes without having to wear falsies, but because of its big wand, it might not be everyone's preference, and certainly not the best for the lower lashes. I think this is the perfect starting place for someone who wants to venture into higher end mascaras though, and is really a do-it-all formula!

Let me know some of your favorite high end mascaras :)

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