April 9, 2015

Biggest Beauty Inspirations | Instagram, YouTube, & More!

I'm not sure about you guys, but personally I'm OBSESSED with social media. Now that you can download everything from Facebook to Tumblr right to your phone via apps, they're super accessible and easy to browse throughout the day whether I'm watching tv or on break at work.

Of all the social media websites around, I'd say Instagram and YouTube are most abused for me because there's so many talented women and men out there displaying their incredible makeup talents, becoming huge inspirations for me and many others alike! Because of that, I thought I'd post something different and share my biggest beauty inspirations in the social media community :)


Glam & Gore |
Ahhh Mykie from Glam & Gore has quickly become my favorite lady out there in the beauty world. Shes so insanely pretty in every video/picture she posts and I love that her style is so versatile like my own. She wears a different wig everyday and a ton of different styles of making, making her look like a blonde bombshell one day to a sassy red haired diva the next! Shes really gotten me intrigued by the whole idea of wearing different wigs depending on my mood and outfits, so I miiiight just be dabbling into the wig world very soon. Also, did I mention that almost all her looks try to incorporate gore and special effects into them? Seriously, shes the bomb, and probably one of the most talented people I've ever come across.


Sam from Batalash |
Even though I love all the Batalash ladies, Sam seems to post on Instagram and Youtube the most often, so I'm constantly lurking her page and videos if I'm in desperate need of a sexy look to rock when I'm feeling down. Sam is the definition of a bombshell and her looks are usual very sultry and feminine, without being the typical boring smokey eye. Sam is great for those of you who want to do wearable looks, but just a touch more bold and unique!


Sokolum79 |
Heather is probably the farthest person from normal that you'll come across, and that's why I love her! Her style (and hair) is ever-changing and she goes from having a full head of dreads one week to a bright blue bob the next. This woman has some serious skills with hair and makeup and probably has some of the cleanest work I've ever seen. Her face always look flawless and her eyeshadow is blended to a tee, so while she doesn't post on Youtube all that much at the moment, her photos are definitely worth giving a look at for some serious inspiration.


LittleKiva |
LittleKiva for me is where it all started, because shes the first beauty guru I ever subscribed to on Youtube! I basically learned all the basics from her when I first started wearing makeup, and I think I get a lot of my makeup style from her as well. She doesn't upload very often anymore, but I think her older videos from a few years ago are definitely worth checking out. Shes not afraid of bold or bright eyes paired with a statement lip, but also has a range of other tutorials from bridal makeup to the how-to on contouring.


Jaclyn Hill |
Jaclyn Hill is a newer obsession of mine, but I'm slowly starting to fall in love with her. She seems to have such a blessed life yet is so humble about all of her achievements, and shes does great wearable looks for everyday. I usually go to Jacklyn Hill for inspiration when I want something neutral and easy that I can pull off wearing to work or a day I don't feel like spending hours on my makeup, and she all around has such a perky and uplifting personality that gives me a lot of hope to follow my own dreams in life :)


Definitely send me some people in the comments below that you look up to for beauty advice, and what social media platforms are your favorite for makeup inspirations!

Shown Above:
Glam & Gore | Instagram // Youtube
Sam from Batalash | Instagram // Youtube
Sokolum | Instagram // Youtube
LittleKiva | Instagram// Youtube
Jaclyn Hill | Instagram // Youtube

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