May 29, 2015

Colourpop | Lippie Stix Collection

Colourpop Lippie Stix | $5 for .035 oz.

Though Colourpop is probably most known for their Super Shock eyeshadows, I'm actually a huuuge fan of their lippie stix too! They have such a huge range of colors and finishes at such a great price for a lip product, so I've already collected my fair share of colors. 

To start, the lippie stix themselves don't have a whole lot of product for $5, but I've used Lumiere quite a few times now without barely making a dent in it, so they will still last more than long enough to be worth the money. I'm a huge fan of the packaging too, as it feels so durable and clean for an affordable lipstick.

One of my favorite features of these is the tip. It's perfect for really sculpting out the lip line and building up the color, and you can even turn them on their edge to get a clean straight edge. The finish of them really depends on how easily they apply, but of all the ones I own, I'd say 4 out of the 5 have an exceptionally smooth application (including the mattes)!

The 5 shades I own so far are Skimpy, Cake, Chi Chi, Lumiere, and Bull Chic.

Skimpy is the only glossy shade I own, but so far I'm really loving the finish. Its opaque and hydrating, and also looks really smooth on the lips. However, since it does have a glossy finish, it doesn't last very long, so I have to reapply every 2-3 hours. Its very comfortable on the lips too, which is probably why its one of my most reached for nudes in my entire collection.

Cake is supposed to be a satin finish, but I find that odd because this is probably the driest and most chalky color I own! I'm not a fan of the particular color on myself, and it applies the worst out of the bunch. It settles into fine lines quite noticeably, and goes on a bit patchy and cakey looking. The color reminds me a lot of the NYX matte lipstick in Hippie Chic, but unfortunately looks just as messy on the lips

Chi Chi, Bull Chic, and Lumiere are all matte shades, and probably my favorite finish that Colourpop offers from what I've tried. All three apply incredibly smooth, and are actually pretty hydrating since they aren't ultra matte. I've found that these last 6-8 hours on most days without going patchy. Lumiere is probably my most worn color since its the most neutral of the bunch and the first one I bought, but Bull Chic is a good black if you're having trouble finding one for cheap.

I think it's safe to say that Colourpop has become my #1 stop for lip colors lately, because they have colors ranging from nude to black to green all for $5 each, which is becoming hard to find even in the drugstore for that price. Plus, they usually don't offer nearly as good of a shade range at the drugstore. They smell so yummy (like cake!), and the shape of the tip make them effortless to apply. The satin formula was a huge miss for me, but definitely check out the mattes and glossy colors if you're looking to try out the Lippie Stix range :)

Have you tried Colourpops Lippie Stix, and if so, what are your favorite colors and formulas?

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