May 27, 2015

Dresslink | Summer Clothing Wishlist

Collaboration with Dresslink // I am not being paid for this post.*
If you live in a state similar to mine, you probably experience crappy weather for about 80 percent of the entire year. Whether it means chilly temperatures or constant thunderstorms, I don't have a whole lot of summer appropriate weather in my wardrobe since I'm always indoors. When we do have sunny 80-90 degree days however, I have the choice between a hoodie and leggings or t-shirt and jeans which is definitely not ideal when you're going to be miserable and sweaty all day long.

That's why I was super happy when Dresslink contacted me asking me if I'd like to try some of their outfits, and I got so excited about getting some new clothes that I had to start making my own mental wishlist. There's a ton of clothes on their site that I've seen on some of my favorite bloggers and Youtubers, so I thought it would be fun to make a wishlist post before receiving my items to give you a sneak peek of what their site carries!

1 // Cage Dress
I've seen this on a ton of different people before and its almost embarassing how long I've wanted to own one haha. I love how different it is yet still really wearable and that you can pair a ton of different pieces underneath it to change up its style to fit any occasion you need.

2 // Faux Glasses
I've always thought people who wear glasses are too adorable, and though fortunately I have good enough eyesight to not need them myself, I still love the innocent, sweet look they can add to an outfit so these are definitely at the top of my current wishlist. The half frame look seems to be quite in right now too, so hopefully they look real enough that people won't think I'm being thaaaat big of a poser.

3 // Floral Dress
I first saw this dress on AprilFoolRomance's blog many, many moons ago and thought she looked absolutely beautiful in it and have wanted to hunt it down for myself ever since. I was super stoked to see that Dresslink carries it, and for a killer price at that :)

4 // R2D2 Swimsuit
Though this is labeled as a swimsuit, I would probably just rock it as a bodysuit instead! I could see it pair really well underneath the cage dress mentioned earlier or with a cute black skater skirt or even under a kimono with some capri leggings :)

5 // Printed Skater Skirts
Can you guys tell I'm slightly obsessed with Black Milk inspired prints like this? I own a ton of printed leggings already that I wear nonstop so adding a few skirts to my closet in the same style would be perfect for switching up with in the summer.

6 // Cage Bralet Top
This is another piece I've seen on every blogger ever, but I think its with pretty good reason. The design makes it look more put together than other bralet styles, and makes the perfect design for wearing underneath low back shirts or dresses that require a little more coverage.

What are some of your favorite places to shop for summer clothes, and have you already started your summer shopping this season?

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