May 22, 2015

Japonesque | Velvet Touch Blush in Shade 4

Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush | $22 for .229 oz.

I've never seen one of these blushes mentioned on any of the blogs that I follow before, so I thought why not do a review on it! This is the Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in the Shade 4, which is a gorgeous purpley, fuchsia color.

The Velvet Touch range includes 6 blushes total, with three of them being much more of a bronzey color rather than a blush. With that said, the selection isn't great, so I went with the most unique color  in the line that I really don't own anything else like. Its great for pairing with cooler toned makeup looks, and comes across as a light pinky purple flush of color on the cheeks.

What really drew me into this blush was the packaging though. I think its so elegant and pretty while still making a statement with its swirl of bold colors. It feels sturdy as well, and has a good sized mirror under the lid. 

The product itself lives up to the name of Velvet Touch, because it has a smooth and silky texture that blends beautifully right into the skin. I've found that it doesn't kick up any powder when I use a brush to apply it either, which is always a plus with softer formulas like this. The product does seem to go on a bit more sheer than I'd prefer at first though, so I usually have to apply a few layers to build the color up.

The color appears matte in the pan at first, but against the light, you can definitely tell it has a beautiful sheen of gold and silver flecks through out the product. They are very fine though, so once applied, it gives an almost matte, soft satin glow to the cheeks rather than a crazy highlighter look.

Since Shade 4 is a fairly unique cheek color, I don't find myself reaching for it all too often, but I love having it in my collection for days I do need a different pop color of color on my cheeks since one can only rock so many coral shades in a row before needing something new haha. I'll normally pair it with pastel or pink eyeshadow looks, but its overall quite versatile so I'm sure anyone could work it into their makeup routine.


I think this blush color is a great change to some of the other blushes in my makeup collection, and though I don't find myself reaching for it all too often, I always think it looks super pretty when I do end up wearing it out. Its not crazy pigmented on the first few swipes, but the color is buildable so I usually add a few layers of product before I'm happy with the result. The texture is soft and velvety which provides a smooth, blendable application without being powdery or crumbly in the pan. I'm not sure if I would repurchase it at retail for $22 since I bought it half off at Ulta, but if you can find it on sale I'd say its worth trying out!

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