June 3, 2015

No Buy May Results & Project Pan Update

Finaallly, the month of May is now over which means I'm a free woman again! If you saw my post at the beginning of last month, you'd know that I made myself go on a no buy for makeup during all of May, so I could start using some of my old products again. I went on a no buy/project pan duo, so heres the results of how each one went.

For the no buy: it went pretty darn well (when it comes to not buying makeup, that is). The only beauty related items I bought at all during the entire month were a pack of makeup remover wipes and hair dye, which my boyfriend said was slightly cheating but ehhhh I think I gave myself a free pass on that one because my hair was in dire need of a touch-up.

I didn't save as much money as I expected though, because all of my extra money pretty much just went to buying video games instead :s It did make me realize how much I missed buying and trying out new games though, so I think this month was a nice indicator that I should start budgeting my money equally in all of my hobbies and interests rather than just makeup and beauty.

I'm not sure if I would go on a no buy again anytime soon however, because I really want to teach myself to spend my money wiser rather than torturing myself every few months for going overboard.

As for my project pan, that didn't seem to go as smoothly as my no buy did. I have to be honest, I was pretty diligent about using all of my project pan items the first few days of May, but by the second and third week I got really bored of using the same products and colors that I kind of just stuffed them in a bag and pushed them to the side to be forgotten about :P I also realized that the quality of some of the products just isn't worth using up, so I may do a review on a few of these then toss them out because I couldn't imagine using the entire product up in the next few months.

I did manage to get through the Too Faced Primed and Poreless face primer though, and almost all of the NYX white shadow, so ya know, I did at least try haha.

Do you like the idea of project pans and no buys, or are you like me and not a big fan? I'm glad I gave them both a shot, but I just don't think they're on my list of things to do again!


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