June 5, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash | Worth The Hype?

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | $24.00

One things for sure about Benefit: they have some amazing marketing techniques when it comes to new releases. They seem to send out samples of upcoming products to anyone and everyone, so I'm sure the Benefit Roller Lash mascara is no stranger to any of you reading my blog :) That's why when I won A Very Sweet Blog's giveaway of this mascara I was super excited to see what all the hubba bubba was about, and if it really is worth all the hype.

Benefit's Roller Lash features what they call a 'hook n roll' wand, that's meant to super curl, separate, and lift the lashes for a dolly, wide eyed look. The wand has tons of super tiny, plastic bristles on it that are supposed to reach each and every part of the lash, and the formula also claims to hold a curl for 12 hours.

The packaging is beyond pretty which is basically the standard for Benefits line, and I love the amount of detail they've added to it such as the different textures on the wand handle as well as the pink and black theme. It all feels very retro and old school, and even if you aren't a packaging fiend like me, you gotta admit its beautiful on any vanity.

Now onto the review itself, I'll just jump up right away and say I love this mascara! But not necessarily for everything that it claims.

I think the star of the show for this mascara isn't so much the formula itself, but rather all about the wand. The itty bitty plastic bristles on it really are perfect for separating the lashes and making sure each and every hair is coated, to give a nice full and open appearance to the eyes. The wand is slightly curved too, so it goes with the natural curve of the eye and makes application even more effortless.

However, I will say that while this mascara is all about curl curl curl, I really didn't find it to hold a curl any different than my other mascaras, nor did it seem to lift my lashes in any way. I'm one of those people that can curl my lashes before, after, and even during my mascara and still have pin straight lashes though, so this may differ from person to person.

(Sorry for the yucky before and after, this was past midnight after I had washed my face so there's some lovely leftover eyeliner all over the place!)


After: (Curling & One Coat)

So in my opinion:

Is it worth the hype? Yes!

While I don't love this mascara for the claims it makes about curling, I do love it for every other reason in the book, and I find that its superior at separating and lengthening the lashes. The wand on it truly is unique from anything else I've tried, and I think its the real winner for this product. The great wand paired with a non clumpy formula and beautiful packaging makes this mascara a top recommendation of mine, and actually makes my stubby broken lashes look somewhat decent! 

Benefit recently announced the release of their They're Real! mascara in a blue color that I'm dying to try! What products from Benefit, new or old, do you want to try out soon?

Thanks again to Kim from A Very Sweet Blog for holding the giveaway for this mascara! :D

Shown Above:


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