June 26, 2015

OCC | Lip Tar Pro Pick's V. 3

Sephora Exclusive | $24 sale price

Recently, I've become obsessed with watching swatch and review videos on the OCC lip tars, which is actually kind of odd since the only lip tar I own, Sebastian, was quite underwhelming to me and received one of the lowest rated reviews on my blog to date.

I can't help but still be incredibly intrigued by them though, because the size of the range including the amount of colors and finishes they offer is too much for even a lip newbie like me to ignore.

And so I thought, since I have the Sephora flash shipping now, I could pick up a few more colors and give the lip tars another chance to see if I can finally warm up to the formula and application. To my dismay however, it seems that Sephora is actually on the brink of phasing OCC out of their stores, because most OCC products are on clearance prices now and the only lip tars left are nudes, pinks and purples, with many claiming to only have a few left in stock.

I was super sad and almost resorted to getting a few off of Beautylish instead, until I came across this Pro Picks set for $24.

This set was originally $49 and includes 5 full size lip tars, as well as a full size lip brush all for only a few dollars more than what one lip tar alone retails for, which is $18. I wasn't too sold on the colors at first, but the full size lip brush definitely convinced me to at least give this set a shot since it is such an amazing sale price.

The shades included are Clear, Femme, Electric Grandma, Radiate, and Authentic, and can all be mixed together like every other lip tar to create your own custom colors if wanted.

(All swatches are over bare lips)

Clear is the primer lip tar, and can be used underneath lip products as a primer or over top for a glossy, hydrating finish. I like this primer under very matte lipsticks (think brands like Melt), because it makes the lips soft and hydrated and allows waxy products to glide right on. However, this doesn't do anything for me under the actual lip tar products, since its oil based and the lip tars are oil based as well.

I think the best primer under lip tars that I've found after much trial and error is a waxy primer, such as the 24/7 lip primer pencil in Ozone from Urban Decay. Ozone is a clear pencil that's perfect for lining around the lips to avoid feathering, and filling them in to fill in any lines and prevent the lip tar from sliding around or melting away. I've found Ozone really helps prolong the wear of my lip tars, and makes them feel and look much more like a traditional lipstick.

Femme is a bright baby pink color, and probably looked the worst on the lips from the ones in this set. I noticed that this color seemed to settle into my lip lines particularly more than the others, but was only noticeable from up close. The color also isn't one that I usually go for, so this will probably end up being a mixing color for me.

Electric Grandma is probably my favorite shade in this set, and is a gorgeous peachy coral color with intense gold and green shimmer running through out it. I've always wanted to purchase the original Grandma shade, so I'm really happy this one was included.

Radiate is an intense deep coral shade, and absolutely striking in person. Unfortunately I never wear colors this bold anymore, but I've really been wanting to add them back into my makeup looks so this shade is a great place to start.

Authentic is another metallic finish, which is a bronzed gold color with bronze shimmer running through out it. When I first squeezed this out of the tube it was super thick and only spit out glitter, so its definitely a color you need to shake up before use. It still is a slightly thicker formula even after shaking, but I didn't notice it to change the overall look of the product.

When wearing these with UD Ozone, I found them to last all day at work (7+ hours), and the color to look really opaque and even on the lips. They were neither hydrating nor drying from my experience as well, even with the more glittery colors. However, these do tend to get that gunky line of product around the inner rim of my mouth around hour 3 or 4, so I recommend bringing Clear along to move around the product and refresh the color through out the day.

Overall, I'm much happier with these colors than I had expected, and I think I'll be getting use out of all of them despite only originally being attracted to one or two of the colors. The wear time is much better than Sebastian was before now that I have a good primer to pair them with, and I've had a lot of fun mixing my own colors since you can mix up pretty much any nude shade you can imagine with these. 

What are some of your all time favorite OCC lip tars, or are you not a fan of the line? What lip primer do you like pairing with these?

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