June 24, 2015

Kawaii Box | May 2015

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service

Every month you probably hear me say how excited I am to get my monthly Kawaii Box because every thing in the box was incredibly adorable and well, this month I'm even more excited!

The minute I opened my box this month I was almost in tears from cute overload, and I'm about 99% sure this might just be the cutest products ever rolled into one box. Really, I don't think they could top this month even if they tried.

This is the first month I noticed a card that actually lists all the products included in the box, which is really helpful when everythings in Japanese so you now exactly what you're getting, as well as the food included. I'm always wondering what the heck something is before I eat it in these boxes so I'm glad it told me this months candy was gum before I swallowed it and freaked out haha.

You guys know that keychains are my favorite things to receive in these boxes, and this month we didn't get one, or two.... but THREE keychains. Eeeeep! The star of the show and my most favorite product I've ever received from Kawaii Box is this cute little banana guy ^_^ Hes soft, tiny, and just downright adorable (really, I cried when I saw him). 

I also got a Hello Kitty inspired doughnut squishy and a little crepe chain, which has an oddly realistic texture that makes it even cooler.

Other honorable mentions this box include a sheet of tiny puffy stickers, an Okitoki pen and notepad set, an adorable Alpaca card holder, and a chocolate bar shaped comb and mirror combo, which is probably one of the weirdest yet incredible things I've seen.

I also got a mini Rilakkuma letter set which automatically makes me a fan since ya know, its Rilakkuma, an Alpaca shaped eraser, the usual Kawaii Box pen, and a shoelace style hair band.

I hate that I can never go into very much detail with the products, but there's so many in the box it would be such an insanely long read! Hopefully you get the idea of everything by checking out the pictures though :)

Let me know what you like most from this months box!

(Beauty posts are on their way again soon, I want to fix my Bloglovin' and GFC feed first before I put out the good stuff hahah!)

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